Striking the Tone of Benevolence - Eclipse 2017



Sovereign Beings,

As we pass through the gates of initiation, showered by the cosmic rays, illuminating the truth of our being,

we pause.

We pause to reflect on all that is falling away: some surprising, some abrupt, but all intense energies that are rearranging our fields for us. A higher authority has been at work with the ability to directly affect change in our lives.

And as we continue to give ourselves deep self-love, we emerge and find ourselves, 


Full of grace, of wholeness and of a greater appreciation for the Unknown.

Yes, our beings are being stretched and expanded into more of who we truly are. We feel a great chord in our inner being, striking the Tone of Benevolence.

From here, We Create Anew and Build.

We step onto New Earth imprinting virgin footprints and feeling the new crisp rarefied air.

Welcome to New Earth and the unfoldment of your New Fullness, New Brightness, New Innocence and New Trajectory.

In True Love

Giselle Koy





Valentine's Message: The Grand Impulse Towards True Love

Valentine’s Message:  The Grand Impulse Towards True Love


It is the Pull, the Law of Attraction and the Movement towards Resonant Frequency:

A simple formula and one that asks why we do not employ our mastery at its highest level.


The Game of Love Pains.

The Path of Love Rewards.


One Path Seeks Love.

One Path Is Love.


On this day, be the love as you’ve always heard and the Victory of Love is yours.


Your heart – shining the love of the Golden Christed One. The Ultimate Magnet. The Ultimate Attraction.