Taking Out the Trash


LUCYAfter the full moon of July 26th, everything seems to have imploded. The word from “on high” was that some star gates opened up, taking us all to a new level of.....well, for me, intolerance. I noticed that everything that needed to come up and be cleared presented itself. Healing old and deep wounds with partners, being shown what was not in my highest interest and the feeling that I needed to wipe the slate clean were all loudly present. General mayhem ensued. Every relationship seem to need an upgrade, starting with myself. The difficulty was not in taking responsibility for my part but for clearly communicating that which was exposed, feeling the hurt in myself and others and then allowing for a new way. There were sensitive and potent mixtures that needed to be brewed with the right amounts of action, honesty and fearless heart communication. There is beauty in breakdown. Today is the solar eclipse and the new moon. So equally intense to the disrupting and shattering full moon is the magically powered new beginning that this space has created. I even cleaned out my car, my purse and my room. Hello new world! I am deeming bright, shiny newness to all aspects of this existence. Let the reorganized and upgraded begin along with all of the joyous surprises awaiting, beyond our wildest imaginations.

My mantra: Let it be a surprise!

Bright and shiny love to all