Message from Mother Mary: The Era of the Cosmic Christed Heart is Here

Message from Mother Mary

The Era of the Cosmic Heart is Here


April 9, 2016


It is the time after the last supper. The Christed Template has served its purpose and a new table is set. Fresh linens are laid and now the offerings will be presented – Offerings the world has yet to see. Yes, a new feast for mankind, laid upon the foundation of all the Christ has served.


Every seat at the table is for all the New Christs, here to feast and to serve. For the Celebration is the Service.


And now it is the Era of the Ascended Christed Heart – the Cosmic Heart and the Full Bounty brought forth of Cosmic Love.


Rejoice! For it is done.


The Nature of the Cosmic Heart is to Love Spherically much like the Sun Radiates. It loves beyond and through all that is. It is in tune, in beat syncopation with the Galactic Core, having traversed the journey from human heart to Central Sun to Galactic Core.


Loving through this heart is the energy that designs, drives and creates the New Golden Age. It is a cosmic alignment with our cosmic hearts acting each as fully sovereign celestial bodies or stars. We are the Galaxy and the Galaxy are Us.


Message delivered through Giselle Koy 

The Christed Ray: Today and Everyday, In Everyman and Everywoman

Artwork by Robby Doneghy

The Story of Easter and The Christed Ray: What the Sweeping Winds Truly Bring

Just as rumor, suspicion and upheaval spread throughout Rome in March in the Year of One, so too have the energies been stirred up in March in the Year of 2016.

For what is the nature of a sweep but to clear all settled particles of dirt, debris, skin, and waste; the discarded of humanity? Yes, that has been the intensity of the energies this March.

In Roman times, rumor of Christ as a threat of power to the Church and state was such that conspiracies and plans were made amongst all ruling factions. What to do with such a threat to power? What to do with such an uprising of all that was once settled?

Even among Christ’s own circle, the unrest began, leading up to the last supper, a moment suspended in time when Christ’s disciples heard the news he had been betrayed. The reaction is in all the faces in the painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Most telling of all being the face of Christ himself; calm, knowing, shining in his Ascended Mastery and knowing the script that would change everything forever—the reason for his walk on Earth fulfilled.

Yes such was the sweep of energy of the Ides of March, the setting of the stage, Act II, preparing the world for the greatest and final Act, The Physical Death and Resurrection of Christ into the Christed. Thus bringing to Earth the Christed energy, The Christed Ray, The Ray available to all inhabitants on Earth. The Ray and the Way for Man’s Ascension.

Yes, Christ and the Resurrection, the Easter Story, the greatest of change to sweep through. Still sweeping and still radiating the Glorius Christed Ray into all men and turning All Hearts into Golden Christed Rays.

~ Channeled by Giselle Koy


Spring Equinox 2015 - A Grand Opportunity


Spring Equinox and Eclipse

March 20, 2014

5:24pm Central Standard Time

It's time to dream a new dream and feel a new vision for your life and for all of humanity. Take time to be in nature and connect with the energies that will be available. It is time to “tap in” so to speak.

Many of us are feeling that we are stepping into the Great Unknown and that's because we are. This Quantum Field of Probability brings new opportunities and new alignments. Take this opportunity to be clear, find some silence within and let the seeds of your imagination be planted and recoded in the Etheric Realm.

Find your way through dreaming and imagination and know that what is planted on this day will bear fruit.

Soften, receive and let these subtle frequencies carry you into positive action. Purify your thoughts and release all negativity with the divine trust that we are creating a new world and not saving the old one.

Move forward by the power of your heart and the true knowing that the glory of your dreams will create your reality.

If you don't know what your new dream is, just feel the feeling of how you want to feel in the future: in your relationships, in your soul family and in your destiny.

This alignment brings with it the Alchemy of Manifestation by the power of your thoughts and prayers alone. Trust in the goodness of humanity and the divine purpose of our existence at this time on earth.

Sending love to all of us!

A Message from Giselle Koy

Valentine's Message: The Grand Impulse Towards True Love

Valentine’s Message:  The Grand Impulse Towards True Love


It is the Pull, the Law of Attraction and the Movement towards Resonant Frequency:

A simple formula and one that asks why we do not employ our mastery at its highest level.


The Game of Love Pains.

The Path of Love Rewards.


One Path Seeks Love.

One Path Is Love.


On this day, be the love as you’ve always heard and the Victory of Love is yours.


Your heart – shining the love of the Golden Christed One. The Ultimate Magnet. The Ultimate Attraction.

The Cosmic Embrace

Feeling the legions of angels at my back, supporting our every move

Arriving at a place where personality dims

And a solid silence and stillness is found



Purified, rectified and with a long view

I dance with all the energies here

And draw close to my cosmic family



Feeling the swell of gratitude 

And surrounded with grace

Subtle, warm and flowing at the speed of honey



Experiencing epochs of earned happiness



Happy Holidays to our family of light!


12:12 The Flood of the Golden Christed Ray!

The Flood of the Golden Christed Ray!

Today is the beginning of the greatest amount of Golden Christed Ray to enter Earth. The highest frequencies to date are available to us all now! Your soul may experience this as a rebirth for we truly have the new world in which to be born and live.

This ray enters us through our cells, as it comes from the double helix of the Golden Christed Ray and the Platinum Ray, which are now rotating together as one.  These are the Fillaments of Illumination, which are being delivered now, to you, from On High as has been planned for this day.  Rejoice and experience this exquisite awakening of your soul as it is called into higher purpose.  The sacred number of 12 is activating our 12 strands of DNA and simultaneously our 12 chakras are activating for greater positioning of expressing our vision and our soul potential.

Become intimate with this Golden Christed Ray by feeling your heartspace as never before. Have Christ-like love and compassion for yourself as you enter this new and raw state with a pure and cosmic heart. It is truly a new day with more love available to you, through you and flowing out from you to others. Take a moment to dive in to your heart your right now and check it out! Use the love word as never before and watch its opposite energy withdraw in defeat. Love has arrived as never before and it has arrived in you!

Many blessings,