The Importance of Writing: A Message from St. Germain

I must write. For writing is what organizes it all. It is a fine medium for me to work in. That is for sure.


Who wrote “the pen is mightier than the sword?” For the pen is a weapon that can slay a man’s ignorance with knowledge, it can move a man’s heart to love in action and it can plant an idea that can inspire the multitudes.


One Word = One Seed

Many Words = A Garden

Many Words Elegantly Arranged = Unlimited Food for Thought and Change


You see, it is this power that has been the basis for all victories for the light. It is the “word” and the word “made good.” It is the utterance of divine intelligence streaming down from light to sound to word!


All divine texts, decrees, documents, tablets, sonnets, commandments, sutras, verses, manuscripts, poems, stories, legends, chants, songs, and living books are various compositions of light code which populate this dimension with light. How simple and beautiful.


And well, for the writer, it is not a choice but an urging impression that comes into awareness and requires an outlet – a way to stream this light from other dimensions through his or her body and into the flow of ink or keyboard or recording device. Just as the scribes of Egypt and the calligraphers of the manuscripts have done through history.


Yes, there is divinity to writing and recording one’s thoughts when called. When the grand orchestra is playing, you never know when your part or your solo is up – for your words are necessary in the arrangement. What would Beethoven’s Fifth sound like without the oboe of the first movement?


Such is the importance of your soulful words – written and recorded, even if we can’t hear the whole symphony. It is still streaming. So keep streaming your inspired words beloved writers!

Message written through Giselle Koy.

The Great Unscramble and The New Configuration

9m08 2012

The Great Unscramble and the New Configuration

Ascension Update June 2013

9m08 2012 It is with chaotic energy upon Earth now that energy is able to shake itself free. All will feel it to some degree as our realities shift before our very eyes.

You may feel it as chaos or confusion in your life or as unexpected events that can throw you off balance.

A new template is now overlaid and yet the discordant energy is not yet quelled.

This will change mid-summer, where blue skies will prevail and we will look upon the lands with a calmer eye—one in which we can see clear to our tasks of creation and watch them flow with the ease of a sailboat floating across a perfect sea.

Along with energies scrambling before their unscrambling are the mathematical codes and other light codes that are being gifted to Planet Earth.

These are coming through in unexpected ways – through words strung together, through music—through any way that the Celestial and Holy Hierarchy can aid us in our Ascension Process.

Codes are designed to have impact upon contact, meaning you may not be aware you are receiving these electronic adjustments but you are benefitting nonetheless. Fear not for codes being manipulated by forces other than the light for that is one of the great purposes of light code—to unscramble all that is not of the light and to dissolve all manipulative coding that has been going on for far too long.

Yes, look for more clarity and an easier time of creation for the “air ways” will be much clearer soon.

But of course do your part in this conscious co-creation of our newly minted world by keeping your vibrations high.

Work with decrees, for they carry the codes – and they declare a reorganization of the energy.  Learn to create by decree as you have purified by the holy “ I Am” Decrees of the Violet Flame.

- A Message from the Celestial Hierarchy via Giselle Koy

Ashtar Command Transmission

Calling All into their Divine Missions for it is time to take the stand in One’s Own Destiny. Look not to anyone but reach into the depth of one’s own field. But do work side by side for there is strength in a unified effort.

Yes work from Unity but embrace the multi conscious flowering of your being. To experience your human experience with joy and purpose—together.

Yes the Ashtar Command is rising or shall we say coming into clear view.

~ Channeled by Giselle Koy