A Word from Pallas Athena

The Holy Manifestation of God’s Law


It is with supreme honor I present you with the fine points of God’s Holy Law.

For now is the time on Earth when God’s law can reign, will reign and must reign.


For when all is in divine order, no other law may reign supreme over God’s Law.


We would like to paint a picture of the structure of councils. Imagine rings, similar to space ships floating in the heavens. Then imagine them always in constant motion, fading in, fading out, brightening, enlarging, coming in and out of form as easy as breath.


These assemblies meet for everything much like your court systems today. To serve on a council is an honor and one that many people today are being etherically trained for now. This is a big area of density work and also a way for many current politicians to clean karma. It is hard for politicians to clear karma on planet earth. Whereas most Ascended Masters clear all karma before ascension, not so with all political leaders and figures. 


These councils are divided by the subject of grievances and issues on a wide variety. From relatingships law, the justice between individuals and planetary law, such as toxic clean-up on a galactic level to cosmic law including huge beings, light and dark forces of immense magnitude, travel and the arrangement, creation, initiation and inauguration of new governing systems, much like Planet Earth is now getting.


Imagine these councils as holy rings descending down now and replacing the current law of the land with this much higher council system. Members are appointed by the hierarchy. There are no so-called elected officials at this point. Even if they appear to be elected, make no mistake, they are chosen by the hierarchy, even if they appear to be out of integrity.


For example, in US elections the high council may allow the dark forces to have a seat and win for the higher purpose of initiating drastic change. A prophecy will then be fulfilled and completed, thus releasing and inviting the new government system of God’s Law.


It is the environment needed so to speak for this to happen. Be trusting of the process for it will appear like a world is going back into the dark, as it will for a time – only to be delivered into the light of God’s Holy Law where Supreme Power Reigns.


It will be exciting and greatly entertaining as long as you trust and see the bigger picture. It will be political theater at its best, a special situation rarely seen in civilizations but always portending of a great fall and a new beginning. The Phoenix of Justice, rising once again.



Have faith and patience in the process and know that there is much more happening than meets the eye for the leaders of many great civilizations are now participating as well. Egypt, Rome, Atlantic and Avalon are some of the few.


Imagine an inaugural ball where all dignitaries are presented and have a role. After all, this is the closing chapter of Earth’s powers and governing bodies, and their swan song.


Etheric fanfare and royal processions will abound, inaugurating the new councils and blessing the New Lands in their God Sanctity and Holy Sovereignty.


Blessings abound.  


~ Channeled by Giselle Koy



Spring Equinox 2015 - A Grand Opportunity


Spring Equinox and Eclipse

March 20, 2014

5:24pm Central Standard Time

It's time to dream a new dream and feel a new vision for your life and for all of humanity. Take time to be in nature and connect with the energies that will be available. It is time to “tap in” so to speak.

Many of us are feeling that we are stepping into the Great Unknown and that's because we are. This Quantum Field of Probability brings new opportunities and new alignments. Take this opportunity to be clear, find some silence within and let the seeds of your imagination be planted and recoded in the Etheric Realm.

Find your way through dreaming and imagination and know that what is planted on this day will bear fruit.

Soften, receive and let these subtle frequencies carry you into positive action. Purify your thoughts and release all negativity with the divine trust that we are creating a new world and not saving the old one.

Move forward by the power of your heart and the true knowing that the glory of your dreams will create your reality.

If you don't know what your new dream is, just feel the feeling of how you want to feel in the future: in your relationships, in your soul family and in your destiny.

This alignment brings with it the Alchemy of Manifestation by the power of your thoughts and prayers alone. Trust in the goodness of humanity and the divine purpose of our existence at this time on earth.

Sending love to all of us!

A Message from Giselle Koy


Valentine's Message: The Grand Impulse Towards True Love

Valentine’s Message:  The Grand Impulse Towards True Love


It is the Pull, the Law of Attraction and the Movement towards Resonant Frequency:

A simple formula and one that asks why we do not employ our mastery at its highest level.


The Game of Love Pains.

The Path of Love Rewards.


One Path Seeks Love.

One Path Is Love.


On this day, be the love as you’ve always heard and the Victory of Love is yours.


Your heart – shining the love of the Golden Christed One. The Ultimate Magnet. The Ultimate Attraction.

The New Law of Attraction: A Message from Our Higher Selves


The New Law of Attraction: A Message from Our Higher Selves It is the same law of attraction in that you must be in the same vibration of that which you seek. But here’s the upgrade: you now don’t have to work so hard to emotionally visualize and cultivate the feeling/desire.

Now the heart just automatically emits the vibration of your resonant desire and draws to it that which is of similar resonance.

Meaning the heart is its own self-powered magnet to your ideal resonant frequencies.

Yes your software is now your hardware too. Free installation, courtesy of Ascension energies.

In general, we can relax and not try so hard! Less effort on manifesting and more relaxing into the heart space.

Ahhhhh! So much easier!