The Cosmic Embrace

Feeling the legions of angels at my back, supporting our every move

Arriving at a place where personality dims

And a solid silence and stillness is found



Purified, rectified and with a long view

I dance with all the energies here

And draw close to my cosmic family



Feeling the swell of gratitude 

And surrounded with grace

Subtle, warm and flowing at the speed of honey



Experiencing epochs of earned happiness



Happy Holidays to our family of light!


The New Law of Attraction: A Message from Our Higher Selves


The New Law of Attraction: A Message from Our Higher Selves It is the same law of attraction in that you must be in the same vibration of that which you seek. But here’s the upgrade: you now don’t have to work so hard to emotionally visualize and cultivate the feeling/desire.

Now the heart just automatically emits the vibration of your resonant desire and draws to it that which is of similar resonance.

Meaning the heart is its own self-powered magnet to your ideal resonant frequencies.

Yes your software is now your hardware too. Free installation, courtesy of Ascension energies.

In general, we can relax and not try so hard! Less effort on manifesting and more relaxing into the heart space.

Ahhhhh! So much easier!