Batman vs Superman - Dropping Some Galactic Intel

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers

This isn’t so much of a movie review as it is a look at metaphysical Hollywood. Where are these writers getting such high level intel? Credit here goes to screenwriters Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer. Wherever, or whatever, I was speechless after seeing this movie. In a good way.

They had me at the extraordinary cinematography which unpeeled itself in the first few minutes. Major respect to the director, Zack Snyder and cinematographer, Larry Zong.

In every Marvel series I’ve seen with superheroes, there is a specific way these superbeings enter and exit the screen. It is usually with a swoosh, a dash, a poof or a speed of light flight. In this movie, Superman ascends (yes ascends and descends) in a slow and angelic godly way, with his cape a royally flowing around him.  Superman does not raise his hands over his head and dive into the wind. He beatifically rises with the coherence of a savior hovering over the 3D matrix of mankind.  The effect is breath-taking!

Next came the story line of God vs Man. This was getting my attention. If you replace the word Kryptonian with Draconian, there is a respectable reference to the galactic wars and galactic history. This references the Dracos (dragons/reptilians), the Pleiadians and some ancient history of our planet. (For more about this, check out the series by Andrew Bartzis on youtube.) Without being a spoiler, one of the adversaries in the movie is actually a hybrid race, a kryptonian/draconian being mixed with human DNA. This giant monster “falls” much like the Nephilim as referenced to by Dan Winter’s account of galactic history.

Another theme is the twin flame ignition. Superman is activated and charged by the love of Lois and admits to “woman as his world.” Divine feminine clearly in charge here!

Also there is a female Senator who attempts to bring a higher law into the mix, a slightly veiled Pallas Athena, holding power and court.

I give this movie 5 stars for being able to entertain, transport, report and speak to higher aspects of life beyond our solar system in an epic way!



Where to Find the Twin Flame Union - A Message from Jesus Channeled by Giselle Koy

Where to Find the Twin Flame Union - A Message from Jesus It is I, Himself, representing the Divine Masculine.

A word to the Divine Feminine: As you ask Him to show up in your life, so shall He show up.

It shall not be the job of the Divine Feminine to birth this Man—it is not her job.

Women, hold space for men to make their transition but do not feel the need to nurture them like children. Notice how they “show up” in life.” That is what is being called for. For how they show up tells you everything.

As beggars, as children, as wounded men, as patriarchal, abusive, disrespectful—OR as strong, solid, inner directed/connected, empowering, supportive, creative men. Men who have direction. These are the men we call for and these are the men we will see showing up for just as the divine feminine is embodying so too is the divine masculine.

Yes, these higher beings are stepping in – Be Patient and Hold Vigil. This is the high ground where many twin flames will find each other. Yes, higher selves, higher beings, embodying.

Face to face, eye to eye and melted in an embrace—in balance, joy and forward motion into a higher form of love in which divine destiny work can be done.

The Twin Flame Union. Let’s light the candles now that the flames may join. The time has come.

As you see others finding each other, rejoice in their good fortune. For that is a blessing to you. Yes, we are all raising each other and preparing each other for embodiment and for the great works to be done—with the support and love of The One Who Reflects or The Divine Mirror of the Twin Flame Union.

Keep the flame lit and hold vigil for the joining to its mirror flame.

Ready for combustion!

How does he show up?

Broken, in need of healing, wanting to be inspired, nurtured, taken care of, jaded, etc. or joyful, ready, present, smiling, uplifting, empowering?

The Twin Flame Union brightens. There is no “saving,” only enhancing.

A Message from Jesus via Giselle Koy

Painting by Autumn Skye Morrison

Spring Update: The Great Receiving

Spring Update: The Great Receiving   A Message from the Divine Feminine and Venus  A Message from the Divine Feminine and Venus

Venus, the Goddess of Love with a message here for all virgins near the springs during this spring. I say Virgin meaning a certain purity and potency for Seeding creation—Housing creation—Receiving creation. Yes, this happens through the Door of Love and the Goddess as the energetic field of receptivity.

Receptivity in motion. Receptivity for the conceiving. To Receive in the Way of the Goddess. This spring there is a high calling for high conceiving—in new and great beings of light coming and new and great ideas and teachings of the light as well as new and great light systems.

Birth Mothers and Light Mothers prepare to receive for it is the time of the Great Conception and the Bringing of the Great Concepts—All Through Great Receiving.

Renew thyselves for the New Golden Age of Creation.

Receive the man, not as the patriarchal authority figure nor the Peter Pan promiscuous plaything—but the man who possesses the strength, the warmth and the caring love of support as mirrored consciousness.

Receive THIS man. Ask for THIS one and HE shall come.

Fertility is at hand for all new ideas waiting to be born. Plan for the highest and most conscious of births whether ideas or beings. And thus it shall be so.

Pan shall be in his place this spring, not center stage wreaking havoc and ravaging but a natural force of super charging the Devic kingdom and spicing up springtime frolics. Just as once he was a natural creature in the spring eco-system, so shall he serve now. Balance of the Pan energy is restored.

As we become more balanced, the Virgin and The Pan become more harmonious. She is not ravaged but ravished. He is not savage but lusty as the instinct of nature and the smells of the animals in heat—all in natural order. Balance returns to the Natural Kingdoms, the Kingdom of the body and the Kingdom of the Earth.

- Blessings from the Divine Feminine, both Mother and Mid-Wife assisting in All Sacred Unions and Venus, on the Half-shell, Rising on The Waters of Life.

Photo by Kristian Schuller

Calling the High Council of Radiance


Calling the High Council of Radiance We, the Sisters of the High and Holy Court of Radiance do bear the light of the New Golden Age and usher in the energies pervading this domain.

We, the Sisters of this Light possess the qualities needed at this moment in time to escort, proclaim and herald the presence of the New Rays, the Rays of Ascension and the Radiant Fields of Light Frequencies now available here on Planet Earth.

We are laying the beautiful lace mantilla of finery and filigree on the Head of Mother Earth, Gaia in Her Crowning Moment, Gaia Crowned as her Royal and Ascended Self.

We, the Sisters of this Light carry the divine feminine codes and yet appear as the mothers, leaders, business women, daughters, sisters, creators, healers and professionals of this day and age. Savvy in technology, touched to the core by our higher selves and motivated by the self-less service of Mother Mary, do hereby commit ourselves to this destiny work for the Ascension of All.

We are not the obvious choices of such radical lightworking yet We Are The Divine Feminine right under all our noses. Yes, it is a new band of Torchbearers, Light Weavers and Ray Wielders.

The New Planetary Lightworkers stepping forward, working in very different but specific areas, bringing in ancient knowledge, light code and Divine Radiance in All Her Glory.

Heralding the New Golden Age, the Sisters of High and Holy Radiance.

We Are Here. Now.

The roles of wayshowers, warrioresses, priestesses, tantrics, witches, healers, shamanesses, artists, creators are all ascending as well—each one stepping into its own higher destiny role and not limited for The Divine Feminine is what is permeating the planet.

Oh yes, there is a role for the Divine Masculine but not for us to define.

Lady Masters, Light Systems, Divine Rays and Planetary Lightworkers: This Circle /Council is forming now and Calling to Order, working on a Master Grid of Unified and Universal Light Systems. We are the multi-dimensional feminine aspects. Connect with this Council through the light rays of the Divine Rays and the Platinum Ray.

~ Channeled by Giselle Koy