Striking the Tone of Benevolence - Eclipse 2017



Sovereign Beings,

As we pass through the gates of initiation, showered by the cosmic rays, illuminating the truth of our being,

we pause.

We pause to reflect on all that is falling away: some surprising, some abrupt, but all intense energies that are rearranging our fields for us. A higher authority has been at work with the ability to directly affect change in our lives.

And as we continue to give ourselves deep self-love, we emerge and find ourselves, 


Full of grace, of wholeness and of a greater appreciation for the Unknown.

Yes, our beings are being stretched and expanded into more of who we truly are. We feel a great chord in our inner being, striking the Tone of Benevolence.

From here, We Create Anew and Build.

We step onto New Earth imprinting virgin footprints and feeling the new crisp rarefied air.

Welcome to New Earth and the unfoldment of your New Fullness, New Brightness, New Innocence and New Trajectory.

In True Love

Giselle Koy







MAY 15, 2017


As the Platinum Ray and the Golden Christed Ray have merged in twin flame union, so has our collective balance been restored to a zero point purity potential. Tap into this Platinum/Gold helix and simultaneously feel your DNA up-charged.


I AM the merged freedom of divine neutrality acting as my benevolent Earth signature at all times!


I AM spun Platinum and Gold creating the alloy of spin mechanics for all further ascension movement!


I AM the Alloy of the Almighty, clothed in light garments, presenting as my Higher Self and accessing the Primordial Self at all times!


I AM the strike of matter made manifest – the spontaneous appearance of thought into form!


I AM the reek of gratitude, exposed for all dimensions to see and know me!


I exist within my sphere of billions of DNA, reflecting and creating my reality, responding to all inner and outer stimuli!


I AM organizing my coherence nanosecond to nanosecond, by the management of all inner and outer fields!


I AM the manifest reliance on the purity of my heart!


I AM molten metal, forged in the 33rd and fluid in the 5th!


I AM proceeding in divine radiance in constant emanation!


I AM the energy lock of the perfect fusion of all electrons as the same electron in known and unknown universes!


-Channeled by Giselle Koy








I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of this Soul, undivided by church, state or marriage:  Solid in resolve to maintain a static field of Benevolent Coherence.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of each individual as self-directed, self-discovered and Self-activated within the Loving Hologram of Multi-Dimensionality.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of Planet Earth as its own Orb of Magnificence, cleared from its galactic history, warring, fighting, devastation and control.



I DECREE THE beauty of Planet Earth to return to Pristine Purity in Wonder and Majesty.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of each child pre-freed from lesser programming in its upbringing on Planet Earth.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of true and full expression of Each Heart on Planet Earth.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of mind, heart, body and soul in perpetuity if chosen.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGTY of the Human Body in its health, radiance, youth and eternal lifespan if chosen.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of Beauty for the Sake of Beauty.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of the soul’s birth and path, free from infiltration/corruption and fortified in its True Purpose.


-Giselle Koy

The Importance of Writing: A Message from St. Germain

I must write. For writing is what organizes it all. It is a fine medium for me to work in. That is for sure.


Who wrote “the pen is mightier than the sword?” For the pen is a weapon that can slay a man’s ignorance with knowledge, it can move a man’s heart to love in action and it can plant an idea that can inspire the multitudes.


One Word = One Seed

Many Words = A Garden

Many Words Elegantly Arranged = Unlimited Food for Thought and Change


You see, it is this power that has been the basis for all victories for the light. It is the “word” and the word “made good.” It is the utterance of divine intelligence streaming down from light to sound to word!


All divine texts, decrees, documents, tablets, sonnets, commandments, sutras, verses, manuscripts, poems, stories, legends, chants, songs, and living books are various compositions of light code which populate this dimension with light. How simple and beautiful.


And well, for the writer, it is not a choice but an urging impression that comes into awareness and requires an outlet – a way to stream this light from other dimensions through his or her body and into the flow of ink or keyboard or recording device. Just as the scribes of Egypt and the calligraphers of the manuscripts have done through history.


Yes, there is divinity to writing and recording one’s thoughts when called. When the grand orchestra is playing, you never know when your part or your solo is up – for your words are necessary in the arrangement. What would Beethoven’s Fifth sound like without the oboe of the first movement?


Such is the importance of your soulful words – written and recorded, even if we can’t hear the whole symphony. It is still streaming. So keep streaming your inspired words beloved writers!

Message written through Giselle Koy.

The Christed Ray: Today and Everyday, In Everyman and Everywoman

Artwork by Robby Doneghy

The Story of Easter and The Christed Ray: What the Sweeping Winds Truly Bring

Just as rumor, suspicion and upheaval spread throughout Rome in March in the Year of One, so too have the energies been stirred up in March in the Year of 2016.

For what is the nature of a sweep but to clear all settled particles of dirt, debris, skin, and waste; the discarded of humanity? Yes, that has been the intensity of the energies this March.

In Roman times, rumor of Christ as a threat of power to the Church and state was such that conspiracies and plans were made amongst all ruling factions. What to do with such a threat to power? What to do with such an uprising of all that was once settled?

Even among Christ’s own circle, the unrest began, leading up to the last supper, a moment suspended in time when Christ’s disciples heard the news he had been betrayed. The reaction is in all the faces in the painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Most telling of all being the face of Christ himself; calm, knowing, shining in his Ascended Mastery and knowing the script that would change everything forever—the reason for his walk on Earth fulfilled.

Yes such was the sweep of energy of the Ides of March, the setting of the stage, Act II, preparing the world for the greatest and final Act, The Physical Death and Resurrection of Christ into the Christed. Thus bringing to Earth the Christed energy, The Christed Ray, The Ray available to all inhabitants on Earth. The Ray and the Way for Man’s Ascension.

Yes, Christ and the Resurrection, the Easter Story, the greatest of change to sweep through. Still sweeping and still radiating the Glorius Christed Ray into all men and turning All Hearts into Golden Christed Rays.

~ Channeled by Giselle Koy


The Holy Pause


Is anyone else feeling this pause where you are reconsidering everything about your life and your identity? Your idea of spirituality? Your next? Your new path? What it means to be a spiritual person?

You are not alone. Everything is in a massive reconfiguration to help align us with the New. For some this may feel like you are re-evaluating everything in your life and for some it feels like you are in the Great Unknown of not knowing what is next.

If you tune in, you will notice that this feeling does not have any fear attached. It is almost an excitement knowing that something new is coming. That’s because it is. However, we do not need to pursue, we need only to let it arrive.

This new light we are receiving is now seeding itself and will soon show up in our 3D lives. It will affect how we are doing our lives and will help align us with our higher frequencies.

Please take the time to let these energies anchor themselves and surround yourself with positivity. Keep your thoughts pure, excited and keep dreaming your highest dream. It is on its way to you!

Spring Equinox 2015 - A Grand Opportunity


Spring Equinox and Eclipse

March 20, 2014

5:24pm Central Standard Time

It's time to dream a new dream and feel a new vision for your life and for all of humanity. Take time to be in nature and connect with the energies that will be available. It is time to “tap in” so to speak.

Many of us are feeling that we are stepping into the Great Unknown and that's because we are. This Quantum Field of Probability brings new opportunities and new alignments. Take this opportunity to be clear, find some silence within and let the seeds of your imagination be planted and recoded in the Etheric Realm.

Find your way through dreaming and imagination and know that what is planted on this day will bear fruit.

Soften, receive and let these subtle frequencies carry you into positive action. Purify your thoughts and release all negativity with the divine trust that we are creating a new world and not saving the old one.

Move forward by the power of your heart and the true knowing that the glory of your dreams will create your reality.

If you don't know what your new dream is, just feel the feeling of how you want to feel in the future: in your relationships, in your soul family and in your destiny.

This alignment brings with it the Alchemy of Manifestation by the power of your thoughts and prayers alone. Trust in the goodness of humanity and the divine purpose of our existence at this time on earth.

Sending love to all of us!

A Message from Giselle Koy

Message from the Platinum Ray - January 17, 2015

The Platinum Ray is working now through powerful movements of ocean waters: storms, tsunamis, swells, currents and tides, wherever there is massive oceanic movement.


The Platinum Ray can amplify through these movements and the power generated can affect even larger areas of all of earth’s water. Through these power generator events, natural and created, the Platinum Ray can enter the One Ocean of Earth, the one body of water and the water in all human bodies. It scans, purifies, cleans and up-charges all simultaneously.


This week is a good week to call forth this ray by visualizing intense silver light streaming from a single galactic source, touching the oceans on Earth and therefore touching all bodies of water on the Planet.


And so it is with the water that makes up our physical bodies. Bring this ray in by supplementing with the salts and minerals of all oceans. Dead sea salts and other purely mined minerals are highly beneficial at this time. With love and blessings.

A message brought through by Giselle Koy.


Platinum Ray Report

January 7, 2015


The Platinum Ray is now working at the core of the Earth. Like the motion of washing your hands, this ray is wrapping around and around the crystalline core of the Earth and infusing it with more electromagnetic frequency, creating a white hole.

This Mother Crystal of Gaia will be activating all other crystals on the planet as well as the crystalline diamond grid which floats above the Unity Grid.

The build up of these minerals in the Earth’s frequency causes the activation in our light bodies to light up the rainbow body.

The body is therefore able to jump or bridge through to 5D and above consciousness. These minerals and their corresponding rays are mono-atomic gold, platinum, palladium and salt.

Assist your bodies in this process to rainbow body by supplementing. Find your source for these earth minerals and their divine counterparts can do their divine work in the collective and individual ascension process. Hand in hand they work. As above, so below.

- Channeled by Giselle Koy

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