One Free Tool That Can Change Everything


I have a dear friend and mentor whom I see often. Our meetings usually go something like this:

Me: You know, I am slightly feeling like I am stuck/off track/lost/something is wrong/not doing enough/uncertain, etc, whatever the perceived problem is.

And then somehow, after a long and thoughtful conversation, he will point out how wonderful I am doing because all these things I’m worried about are an important part of “birthing into a greater aspect” of myself.

I have heard that so many times that I sometimes joke about it, but the fact remains that he is right and I always feel better. He is a master of framing, or in script writing terminology, a master of “creating context.”

Zoom out with me now and see how this one tool can change your reality just by shifting your viewpoint in all areas of your life.

1 Social Media
For a lot of us, social media is how we market ourselves and find community within a larger context. It is the perfect place to “see how you compare” in numbers, likes, images and content. In this scenario, I can always feel like I am inadequate.

When I shift my context to my own on-line presence and see how I have evolved, I feel different. My on-line presence is a representation of my energetic signature and it is uniquely mine and exactly what it should be. Next.

2 Relationships
Have you ever had an argument with your beloved? JK, of course you have. We all have. When I look at the argument and think wow, this relationship is faltering and on a bad course, I feel defeated, anxious and sad.

When I reframe and see the level of passion we have and how we always grow from an upset, I feel proud of our ability to flex and grow. As my beloved says “if we didn’t have tussles, how would we grow?,” which of course makes me love him more as he creates a loving and secure frame.

3 Health/Body Image
This is a big one. The “comparing mind” can wreak havoc with this but when I see myself as constantly evolving into my crystallize light body/athletic body/enahanced human body, I welcome all the changes

4 Emotional Triggers

When we get to the point when any emotional trigger is appreciated because it only helping us to clear, we have made it. This is mastery and ideal framing.

Isn’t this all just an evolved form of self-love? My friend, Dr. Mickra Hamilton calls it having “implicit trust” in the universe and that everything is simply interesting and here for our growth.

So keep reframing all your challenges and knowing that anything you are going through is just part of a birthing process and that can birthing is inherently uncomfortable!

Lots of love to all you always, Giselle

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