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The pocket-size handbook of The Platinum Ray is a great tool to assist you in commanding and activating the use of this light!

These are Ascension Times and the Platinum Ray is here to assist in a tremendous way. Use these "I Am" Decrees of the Platinum Ray to assist with the quickening of Ascension for Planet Earth as well as your own Mastery and Ascension.

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The Effectiveness of the Platinum Ray

The Effectiveness of the Platinum Ray

The Platinum Ray enters the Earth’s magnetosphere and passes through every grid surrounding Earth including all fear based grids. It reboots light grids; repairing and restoring tears, weak spots, holes and fissures.

With each grid it penetrates, it snaps to, reconfigures and reorganizes all energy patterns in association thereof. It passes though the Earth’s oceans which are grids themselves.

It seeks and finds its frequency match within the crystalline core of the Earth thereby making a pure connection from the Earth’s Core to the Galactic Core.

The pulsing happens at a mathematical rate based on a celestial ratio of the The Perfectual Harmonic.

We feel it as the quickening within our own fields. Events, circumstances, thoughts and actions begin to reconfigure to the these new codes. Those who are actively ascending understand this clearing energy yet others may experience it as chaos.

The Platinum Ray sears. Visualize this pure silvery light pulsing from the Galactic Core to the Earth’s Core, passing through all grids, including the grid of the human heart, synchronizing the One Beat of Ascension.

The Purple Flame Decrees are Here: A Message from St. Germain and the Transition Team, Delivered by Giselle Koy

The Purple Flame Decrees are Here: A Message from St. Germain and the Transition Team, Delivered by Giselle Koy

Greetings on these beloved holidays on Planet Earth. May thanks be given for all the plentitude and abundance here, and soon to be seen. You will need a new word for gratitude for so great will your heart be filled with thanks. It will be beyond measure and beyond a word. This is certain. Gratitude will not come in spurts in those moments when you remember but will be a constant fountaining of awe, delight, thankfulness and blessings. Blessings will beget blessings for as you bless you will be blessed. And this goes for every virtuous quality cultivated here on earth.

As part of the transition team of Ascension, which by the way is in full swing, I am here to speak to you of the changing of the guard so to speak.

I spoke to you earlier about how I too will be ascending and moving on to other realms. The mighty I Am Presence we have all shared as our passageway out of 3D will now be enhanced with a new set of decrees. These are the Purple Flames of the We Are Presence.

Yes congratulations on our arrival to “oneness” consciousness. Most of you can feel it as you look around and see all as family. The constant vigilance of invoking the Violet Flame has created the passage into the We Are Presence and its accompanying golden center. Yes this is a sphere of refined violet flame, it’s crowning glory of achievement, its heralded victory.

The Violet Flame is Ascending as well to its deeper richer new incarnation. All of your invocations over the many years have cultivated this new deep rich saturated Purple Wavelength in the light spectrum. Here are some decrees to start you off. Many of you will be receiving and writing these decrees as transition continues. Work with this Crowning Wave of Ascension with the Violet Flame as the sponsor of this Flame of Ascension.

I Am the Purple Flame of Ascension Victorious

We Are the Crowning Glory of Man’s True Heart Sharing Throughout Existence

We Are the Purple Flame of All Purple Hearts – Honored for Bravery, Service and Courage

We Are the Oneness Incarnate

We Are the Oneness Ripple Throughout Everyone’s Heart, Syncopating the Rhythm of Unity

We Are the Purple Flame of Boundary Dissolvers in 3D Earth and the Joining Forces of All Separations

We Are One, Joined through our Purple Hearts of Valor

We Are One Here and Forevermore, Manifesting Peace on Planet Earth

We Are beyond the Ultra-Violet Spectrum and part of the Spectrum of Multi-dimensional Saturation

We Are Ascension Victorious

We Are the Blessings of All Transmuted Energies Here on Planet Earth

We Are the Robes of Royal Existence – Here on Planet Earth Now

We Are the Fields of Purple Lavender Infusing Earth with the Perfume of All Transmuted Energies and Toxicities

We Are the Purple Ray of Deep Deep Love, Transmuted through the Ages Long Process of 3D Life

We Are, We Love, We Unify, We Bless, We Offer Ourselves in Full Service to the Light in All Frequencies

We Are the Purple Flame that Burns in Constant Service

We Are Those that Serve in Perpetuity

We Are the Rising of Our Civilization Over and Over Until Final Ascension

We Are the Rapid and Rare Ascension of the Entire Planet

We Are the Binding Colors of All Ascension Efforts

We Are the Tip of the Violet Flame, Kissing the Next Realm, Our Ascension Destination

We Are the Flame Fueling the Perpetuity of All Existing Transmutational Flames

We Are the Final Flame for this Planet in Her Current State at the Cusp of Ascension

We Are the Tribute Flame for Mankind’s Success

We Are That We Are

A Message from the Rainbow Ray: Channeled by Giselle Koy

Channeling - A Message from the Rainbow Ray - Featured Image - DO NOT DELETE

It is with a burst, a spark, a flash that the Rainbow Ray appears. It is a crack in the veil, a rip in the 3D reality, a gash in lower vibration that the rainbow ray appears. Like a surgeon slicing open a body to reveal the juicy inside; juicy vibrant full-spectrum color, that is the Rainbow Ray.It does not float, it is a crack, a sneak-peek, like the moment when the Wizard of Oz goes from black and white to color.

The Rainbow Ray operates on many levels in that it ascends, it spins, it bridges, it explodes, and it is the energy that takes matter from 3D to 5D. For just as we have always seen the rainbow spectrum as linear, it now blows itself up into a holographic rainbow. An invisible sphere that emits shards of rainbow light.

Juicy light! Amplify the saturation of colors you currently know as a rainbow by 1000 fold and you will begin to see the Rainbow Ray in its holographic wonder. It sparkles, it twinkles, it radiates with all colors at maximum vibrancy. It is beautiful!

For many months, rainbows have been infiltrating your fields. You have been aware of them bouncing off of car windshields, showing up on your digital cameras and taking your breath away in the skies.

Now imagine that every rainbow or rainbow spectrum you have ever seen was a CRACK, a crack in this dimension letting you know there will soon be a breakthrough to a more colorful, richer, more bountiful and more juiced up reality. Yes, all rainbows up to date have been a sneak preview to the presentation or showcase leading to the steps of the rainbow bridge. The bridge that we walk on, entering 5D reality into our New Home on the day of the New Dawn.

Rainbow Ray Decrees:

I AM the Rainbow Ray of All Jewels Sparkling and Emanating into Eternity

I AM the Crack into Higher Dimensions

I AM All Chakras Ignited Within

I Am the Unifier of All Colors into the One Spectrum

I AM the Fully Awakened Light Spectrum

I AM the Resplendent Light of Creation

I AM the Juice of Cosmic Splendor

I AM the Rainbow Ray!

There is more to be published on the Rainbow Ray, this is just an excerpt from a full body of decrees...

A Message from the Platinum Ray: Channeled by Giselle Koy

Channeling – A Message from Platinum Ray – Featured & Posting Full Image – DO NOT DELETE

The Platinum Ray is here now to teach. It has been a while for I assist with purifying energy and frequency prior to Ascension. I am ancient but rare for my use is rare. Howmany times does a planet need a fiercely non-negotiable ray of the highest purity? Well now is such a time. For all the progress that has been made by cleansing and purifying the planet as well as humankind, there is still another level. Whereas the Violet Flame protects, transforms and transmutes, the Platinum ray strikes; activating impeccable integrity. It is a purification amongst the already very high frequencies therefore working in the upper octaves.

Just as the spoken declaration of the I Am Presence activates so does my spoken name, The Platinum Ray. Work with me in your meditations and visualizations. Allow my presence and the word of my name to infuse this dimension with these higher galactic frequencies. Here are My Decrees:

I Am the Platinum Ray I Am the Quickening Ray of Ascension I Am the Virtuous Frequency of Impeccability I Am the Silver Light of Intense Purity I Am the Atomic Structure of the Ethereal Swords of Archangel Michael and Excalibur I Am the Razor’s Edge of Perfection I Am the Twin Ray of the Golden Christed Ray I Am the Quickening Ray of Ascension