Is Coaching the New Uber of the Wellness Industry?


By Giselle Koy, Human Enhancement Coach 

Stories of industry disruption are irresistible to anyone who is interested in the evolution of society and economies. Remember when you first heard of Uber and were astounded how simple and yet how unlikely it sounded? And then you heard about Airbnb and felt the same way?

In a 2013 Forbes article by Caroline Howard, disruption “takes a left turn by literally uprooting and changing how we think, behave, do business, learn and go about our day-to-day, and produces something new and more efficient and worthwhile. It is at once destructive and creative.”

These two industry disruptors are classic models but there are more, including in the area of health and wellness, an 8 billion dollar industry in the current throes of disruption by individuals like you and me.

 The old model of health and wellness was to give authority to the “experts, doctors and hospitals” often times at great expense and with an often disappointing experience. Being forced to work within the health insurance model has been one big challenge for many. While I am not recommending the abandonment of the medical system, I am advocating alternative choices outside of the traditional model.

Even more intrinsic to the often dysfunction of the medical model is the true heart of the dysfunction: the denial that our mindset and bodies own healing abilities are way more powerful than we can fathom. This is the grassroots level of disruption when so many don’t even bother to pay for health insurance and instead are taking matters into their own heads and hearts. 

People are looking to wellness lifestyles and people outside the medical model to help. Enter the wellness coach of today and you now have a community of 4 million coaches working in the US.

This is a disruption. Through finding specialized coaches for almost anything one wants to improve, one can achieve an accredited professional, receive great one on one care, and benefit from a personalized caregiving relationship on their own terms.

 From the coaches’ point of view, this is an ideal business model. He or she can own their own business, focus on an area of specialty, work remotely, use a variety of new apps to schedule and help you market: all in a free state of enterprise, within or without the insurance model.

When we take the bird’s eye view and look at the application of coaching, we see it extends to every industry possible:  business, speaking, writing, athletics, elite training, organizing, sleeping, breathing, relationships, marketing, studying, investing, entrepreneurship, eating, improving health and on and on. And there are coaches for the masses, like Tony Robbins who certainly gives coaching a good name.

 As we watch this sector grow in the coming years, think about how your life can be improved by a coach. Look on-line and no now doubt you will find many talented and professional coaches ready and willing. Or if you feel drawn to be a coach, look at the many coaches who teach people learn to be coaches. 

Welcome to the new environment of better health, better lifestyle, better care and a better you.