Message from the Andromedans


Message from the Andromedans

We are the Andromedan Council.

We recognize the work being done on behalf of a more rapid awakening on Earth through the lens you currently see your world. Let us offer another viewpoint.

Your planet has already “left the station” as you say, meaning the critical mass has been achieved for the impetus of a full dimensional shift. It is in motion and many beings are riding the crest of the wave as others are feeling the undertow while others are feeling the magnetic pull from the shore.

The wave is all one motion and the wave is in effect. What we want to say to those working on behalf of the shift is to relax and learn to enjoy more. Those still on the shore will eventually be caught by another set of waves and as your wave moves further out into the cosmic ocean, they will be hard to see, hear and recognize.

There is more left for you to do for the forces of magnificence at work, powering the shift are slightly beyond your perception.

Yes, you are needed more than ever. Focus on keeping your frequency high so that you can participate at a far greater awareness and surrender to the “Wave of Appreciation” washing over your world. This hyper dimensional light wave heralds the new Era of Appreciation.

We salute you

In kind,

In love,

In appreciation,

In divine motion with your family,

In service to awakened beings on Earth,

Your partners in a Coherent Universe soon to be completely known to you.


Message delivered through Giselle Koy