What I Learned from the Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona

Photo by Andrew Holman

Photo by Andrew Holman

First of all, it’s no surprise that conscious media is exponentially growing. It is THE train to get on as a conscious content creator. In fact, content is now king, meaning good content is the new gold standard of currency over investment dollars even. The content is the bargaining chip and the holy grail.

So whether you are creating films, youtube, VOD (which is the new greatest opportunity around) or any internet conscious video, work on creating solid, original and consistent content. There is a market for it. Then research your audience and find a way to deliver a perfectly customized message: fresh and directly in front of your known target audience.

If you are doing film, 50% of your budget needs to go to P and A, aka promotion and advertising. Yikes! I heard many sad stories of great creations that had no resources to get it out there. That happens more than you think. In fact there is great content parked all over the internet that you may never see because it does not have the fuel to get in front of its intended audience. I know, because I have a project like that.

According to new social media studies, your message should deliver within seven seconds, without audio. Chew on that a while.

If you are a documentarian, know that you will probably not make money. Even the best ones can only expect to earn 75 cents on the dollar. Of course there are always exceptions to that rule.

People will always need to relax at the end of the day. So this is why the market for good content is unlimited. This is great news!

In the world of marketing, your email list still trumps being able to effectively reach and amortize your product. Not to be a buzz kill, but it is what it is.

My favorite new film is "I Am Not Your Guru" by Tony Robbins. It's riveting and takes the audience through a transformative process as we watch those in the film transform. I also personally think Tony Robbins is the reincarnation of John the Baptist. The lion of God comes through him as you will see in the film, coming out on Netflix soon.

I hope some of this is helpful and I look forward to seeing and creating more conscious media!