The Holy Pause


Is anyone else feeling this pause where you are reconsidering everything about your life and your identity? Your idea of spirituality? Your next? Your new path? What it means to be a spiritual person?

You are not alone. Everything is in a massive reconfiguration to help align us with the New. For some this may feel like you are re-evaluating everything in your life and for some it feels like you are in the Great Unknown of not knowing what is next.

If you tune in, you will notice that this feeling does not have any fear attached. It is almost an excitement knowing that something new is coming. That’s because it is. However, we do not need to pursue, we need only to let it arrive.

This new light we are receiving is now seeding itself and will soon show up in our 3D lives. It will affect how we are doing our lives and will help align us with our higher frequencies.

Please take the time to let these energies anchor themselves and surround yourself with positivity. Keep your thoughts pure, excited and keep dreaming your highest dream. It is on its way to you!