Spring Equinox 2015 - A Grand Opportunity


Spring Equinox and Eclipse

March 20, 2014

5:24pm Central Standard Time

It's time to dream a new dream and feel a new vision for your life and for all of humanity. Take time to be in nature and connect with the energies that will be available. It is time to “tap in” so to speak.

Many of us are feeling that we are stepping into the Great Unknown and that's because we are. This Quantum Field of Probability brings new opportunities and new alignments. Take this opportunity to be clear, find some silence within and let the seeds of your imagination be planted and recoded in the Etheric Realm.

Find your way through dreaming and imagination and know that what is planted on this day will bear fruit.

Soften, receive and let these subtle frequencies carry you into positive action. Purify your thoughts and release all negativity with the divine trust that we are creating a new world and not saving the old one.

Move forward by the power of your heart and the true knowing that the glory of your dreams will create your reality.

If you don't know what your new dream is, just feel the feeling of how you want to feel in the future: in your relationships, in your soul family and in your destiny.

This alignment brings with it the Alchemy of Manifestation by the power of your thoughts and prayers alone. Trust in the goodness of humanity and the divine purpose of our existence at this time on earth.

Sending love to all of us!

A Message from Giselle Koy