Message from the Platinum Ray - January 17, 2015

The Platinum Ray is working now through powerful movements of ocean waters: storms, tsunamis, swells, currents and tides, wherever there is massive oceanic movement.


The Platinum Ray can amplify through these movements and the power generated can affect even larger areas of all of earth’s water. Through these power generator events, natural and created, the Platinum Ray can enter the One Ocean of Earth, the one body of water and the water in all human bodies. It scans, purifies, cleans and up-charges all simultaneously.


This week is a good week to call forth this ray by visualizing intense silver light streaming from a single galactic source, touching the oceans on Earth and therefore touching all bodies of water on the Planet.


And so it is with the water that makes up our physical bodies. Bring this ray in by supplementing with the salts and minerals of all oceans. Dead sea salts and other purely mined minerals are highly beneficial at this time. With love and blessings.

A message brought through by Giselle Koy.