The Golden Christed Ray

"YOU are on the receiving end of the Golden Christed light lineage. It is direct alignment for the teachings of love are the ability to resonate love. Love is a specific vibration and the lineage is the Struck Chord, held and suspended, of this specific tone.
Emanating out from this chord are rings of the healing and magical qualities of love. For the greatest power of love is transformation.
Love transforms. Its very nature is to transform. So when we say open your heart to love, we say to you--Soften a little so that the chord of love might enter and strike you. Then let it perform its miracles!
Bring in and command the use of this strong Golden Christed light by using its Holy Decrees!"

I AM the strike motion of all Instantaneous Awakenings!
I AM the Shining Gold of All Illuminations!
I am the Good in Men’s Hearts When All is Lost!
I AM the Crowning Glory of the Earth Divinity Matrix!
I AM the Holy Guardian Light of All Innocence!
- Excerpt from the new book, The Golden Christed Ray by Giselle Koy