A Message from Bob Marley: Channeled by Giselle Koy


These songs of freedom.You say they coming back. Well I tell you they never left. They are alive and ringing in the ears of all who are able to hear. They are alive in the children who have never heard them but know them anyway. Rastafarian – an extreme religion but a pure one based on Elementals. You see, man can now get in touch with these el

emental forces, the ones that rule and sway over the hearts and minds of the people. The forces that color and paint the world what it is.The nature kingdom in an embrace, wrapped around the soul like a hammock on a sunny day. The men they have their time together - that is the way. The family weaves together. All the flavors into one beat. The call of the good vibrations coming together, spreading out and carrying the word. This music moves like waves and these beats are still travelling through the cosmos. They will ride forever into forever, washing over all obstacles but never being blocked. No way.

The song of the Rastafarian is for all beings and is universal, set to Earth’s Elemental heartbeat, first created in the waves of the ocean. These vibrations carry the healing sounds of far away lands and have been medicine for those missing their homelands in other parts of the cosmos. Yes the Rastafarian musicians are medicine doctors of the star nations, bringing the mother waves from all the other planets and star systems. And you thought it was just good music to smoke to!

There is always more than meets the eye, especially in Rastafarian culture. Just look at my beautiful wife and you will know I must carry some powerful magic beyond what you can see to attract her! She is still my goddess and I still protect her, you can see my love reflected in her eternal beauty.

Rasta is the way my friends, my family, my brothers and sisters. One beat, one wave, one heart, one love, the wave that goes forever. Amen.