A Message from The 13th Crystal Skull: Channeled by Giselle Koy


This is the etheric skull, over-lighting the 12 crystal skulls and it is activated. It is in place over the sacred circle of the 12 skulls completing its sacred geometry. It is the energy of transforming our flesh and bone skulls and attuning them to the crystal frequency. Many lightworkers have felt pressure and headaches, etc from downloads. It can all be seen as a process in which your cranial sacral becomes just that: cranial sacral – Head Sacred.

 Yes, the holy chamber in your head, known as the Cathedral of Sound is now crystalizing and in its attunement with crystal consciousness there is a next awakening – a portal to the sacred Hall of Ascension.

 ‘All is within’ will be applicable to everything my friends as we realize, activate and attune our heart portals and now our crystal skull portals.

 Feel your heads, your skulls as they quicken in vibrational frequency; the voices, the buzzing, the telepathy, the ease of the Celestial Messaging System, now lighting up.

 Connect with your crystal skull portal by holding your attention on the energy of your skull and its constant stream of messages, communications and once again attunement with the 12th great crystal skulls - Awaiting this moment in time.

 Aho to keepers of the skulls. Their journey has been a great gift. Thank you Drumvalo and all others who have heard the call of this work and pursued it for others to experience. All hail the gifts of the 13 sacred crystal skulls, gifts from other worlds; tangible 3D items, etheric implants and vibrational attunements all at the same time. This is how something can be 3D, 5D, 7D and beyond all at the same time. Just like you will soon be my friends. Able to be in all those dimensions simultaneously.

 All crystal consciousness will be connected – the new electricity, data lines, thought streams, light body material and information itself; beautiful, instant, all-connected and lit up! Powering mankind’s next leap.