A Message from Pele: Channeled by Giselle Koy

Channeling - A Message from Pele - Featured & Posting Full Image – DO NOT DELETE

imageMahalo from the treasures of the Hawaiian Islands. I am Pele, one of Krishna’s greatest Gopis. I came to Hawaii because it most reminded me of my Sirian home with cascading waterfalls and exquisite fragrant flowers. I spend centuries gazing out into the sunsets over the ocean, loving God and all his creations. I am a Gopi frozen in time, for I carry that energy that loves and serves the Beautiful One and longs for his touch. Feel me as your feet are touching the water of a beautiful beach. See me as an orchid that floats up on the water swirling around your feet. Touch me when you bring your hands together with open palms, offering your gifts. Hear me in the silence, waiting to hear Krishna’s flute calling us all home.

There are many myths about me as I have so infused the islands with my spirit. From the delicate frangipani gently moving in an ocean breeze to the full force and raw power of an erupting volcano. Are these not the range of every female – the divine feminine of all cultures from Kali to Mother Mary to Mother Earth? For we are one in the same as in our extremes of power, from the most fragile to the most fierce and all colors between.

Men, rise to meet us and create the containers for our infiniteness so that you might wrap your arms around us, ensuring our safety, protection and freedom. Now that is a union fit for the gods and goddesses we are. Fully honoring of our complimentary and divine natures. Blessings be to all such unions! Marriages are popular on my islands for the raw nature of the union is felt and consummated here.