Message from the White Unicorn: Channeled by Giselle Koy

Channeling - A Message from the White Unicorn - Featured and Posting Full Image - DO NOT DELETE

imageSilver white. Gentle as a kitten and nimble as a fox. I am the tone of Rarity for a sighting of me is truly rare. I was last seen mostly in the woods surrounding Delphi, in Roman Times. I appear now as inspiration and as a unique flavor of pristine symbology, that of the New Man.As I flourish and re-populate myself you will see these qualities more in men around you. I am White Unicorn Medicine and I bless those males returning/incorporating (to make corporal) my unique qualities. For all of my radiance there is an equal amount of fierce masculinity – I am a stallion by birth and horse energy is my heritage until I was transmorgafied by a beautiful sorceress who saw the need for “rarity embodied” and wanted herself to have a companion who was both male and female and divine. Rare and highly refined – the qualities man is being gifted with now. Let my medicine do the same for you as you bath in a pool of my silver white light.