A Message from the Heirarchy: Channeled by Giselle Koy

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A Message for the Healing of the Oceans from Jesus See me on the mountain, then see me on every mountain, then see the total grid of me, the grid of Christ Consciousness: All Pervasive. The golden filigreed net now surrounding the planet. Not many other planets have such a specific light halo as this, for it is My Crown.

It was a pleasure to walk the earth as I did. I wish all of you could experience such destiny for it was the essence of the entire human experience some of which you may come to know. Yes, religious texts got many things wrong but have mercy for their understanding did not hold the capacity to translate such light. It is just now that light levels such as these are accessible.

Me with the lamb. Yes. Imagine a small child holding a kitten for the first time. That is how I hold the lamb and how all of you might hold what is beloved to you. Tender is the way. Tender is the real currency. Tender is what the earth is parched for. Tender is the gentle rain. Tender is the giant who picks a flower. Tender is a vibration you can feel. Work with tenderness today in all things. Bring it to all interactions as soft power and the sweet salve for all things to be in better harmony. Tender is the melted heart for that is what the solar flares are helping with – the right kind of heat to melt hardened hearts – the instantaneous flash of light so strong, no hardened heart can remain in that state.

I bring you the gentlest and tenderest of all messages on this day. It is the sound of the New Dawn Dawning, tender and precious as a dew drop, and a man’s tear, and a drop of a formula containing all healing. These things are more intricately linked than you can imagine. For in cleansing and purifying and recognizing the purity of those three drops, the oceans will be cleansed and balanced. All water is connected and there is but ONE BODY of water on this planet.

Ocean Healing Sending love to all oceans, rivers, streams, aquatic life, coral reefs, fish and crustaceans, whales who carry The Song, mermaids, indigo seas, turquoise beaches, emerald coves, Poseidon and all sea gods and goddesses, treasures buried, tender shorelines and grand intersections of land masses and oceans. We cleanse together on this day.