Chronicles of Scotland No. 2

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Misty, Mythic and Mystic

I named this journey to Scotland, “The Parting of the Mist.” I’ve always seen the mist as a visible form of “the veil” for it clears when one can “see.” It is written that the passage to Avalon was through the mist or through the veil that is merely a portal to another dimension. Meditation is also a clearing of the incoherent mist between the right and left hemispheres of the brain to create coherence or super clarity. (another quality of superbeings which I am writing about elsewhere) And nowhere is the mist more beautiful and surreal than in this part of the world.

On this trip, I also see the parting of the mist to reveal the myth; myth as the portal to seeing clearly. In Scotland, this handsome corner of the world, myth is what you eat for breakfast. William Wallace, the endless brutal wars, the sacred sites, the druids, the royal successions, the castles, the crown jewels, the curious coat of arms which is a lion and a unicorn, further proof to me that unicorns are real, and on and on. There is high regard for tradition which I now see more as respect for the myths that are still living.

So what is the difference between a myth and reality? Could it be that reality became myth?

My theory is that some of these so-called myths actually existed such as the unicorn and other magical creatures but died off as our consciousness of them died off.

And this suggests to me that they can be re-activated with consciousness as well.

Scotland is drenched in a history of mystics. It is suggested that Jesus himself traveled to Scotland to study at the feet of Scottish mystics. And then there is Iona, who, according to the Akashic records, lived in a mystic community who moved there after Atlantis disappeared. These Atlantean Priestesses, when threatened, were protected by ordinary druids. Oh, and by the way, if you wanted to visit Iona you didn’t need to get on a boat, you came on the astral plane. Once again, more mist to clear in order to clearly see.

There is also a small hill, that looks more like a bump, close to Bathgate, known as a major ritual site. There are henges, graves, stones and circles –back to the Neolithic period. Cairnpapple, as it is called, was most likely used for moon-worship, sun-worship, rites, calendars; similar to Stonehenge. It is said that King Arthur used to live nearby. The Knights Templar owned the land and used it for, shocker, secret things.

But alas, true mystery is still alive. It is the fertile mystery that IS the divine feminine. The energy that eternally bows to the natural way, the rhythmic cycle, the cataclysmic destruction, the tender new growth, the soft yielding, the fierce look, and the omniscience.

You can see it in her eyes.

And you can see the mythic and the mystic in every face, once the mist clears.