I Choose Wonder and Not Fear

These are mystical days, don’t let them pass you by. These amazing times are like a front row seat to the most amazing show on Earth, the Grand Finale of Earth. It is a like a child going to a planetarium for the first time, seeing a pageantry of jeweled stars, being exposed to inconceivable concepts of space and time, getting a momentary glimpse of the profound elegance of it all and finally surrendering to the ecstatic beauty.

But now is the time when the exotic part of the grand finale takes the stage. A procession of creatures speaking ancient languages, healers from past times, noble wizards in wise stillness, dancers with jewels in their eyes, every single being exposing their mythic origins.

Tribes re-gathering, artists cracking codes, technological brilliance, new colors, new music, new rainbows, new frequencies.

New gifts of telepathy, a whole new range of senses.

New interpretations of time as told by the flowering wisdom and collision of all sacred calendars and timekeepers.

Just so much to see and feel and hear and taste and touch and telepath and intuit and know!

I choose wonder and not fear in these amazing times.