The Certainty Club: Visionary Women Mastermind

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The Certainty Club: Visionary Women Mastermind

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A Mastermind Group for Visionary Women
Stepping into Full Power.

A bi-monthly group call with fellow visionaries.

This mastermind was made for you if:

You are ready to join a dynamic network of others visionaries who are choosing to embody their full power this year.

You are still refining your vision and message.

You are building your tribe.

You are wondering what is missing for you to finally take off!


No one does this alone and it feels great to have others who reflect, support, uplift, educate and hold each other accountable for their missions here on earth and their mission to fully embody.

During the 50 minute call, I will guide a brief mediation calling in our higher levels and guides to create an optimal coherent field.  As I read the field, I will deliver messages from our higher teams. We will discuss such topics as: 

mission certainty, message refinement, branding, embodiment, launching of new services, reverse aging, high performance as ascension, greater levels of spiritual connection, epigenetics, how to use aha moments, breathing like a master, sleeping for full regeneration, optimal nutrition and all areas of living an enhanced life, in full power.

After that, in a classic mastermind format, there will be three different people selected (with permission of course!) who will take “the hot seat” to share their challenges, opportunities and creations. They will get the full reflection of all the visionaries on the call while networking with others in the field of enhanced living and creating on our highest outcomes.

Monthly subscription includes 2 call, 50 minutes each: $333/month

3 months $900

6 months $1800

New prices will be set starting July 1, 2019.