What I Feel is Brewing... The Verge and the Vortex.


What I feel is brewing….The Verge and the Vortex.


How can we be on the precipice for so long? The Verge of Abundance, the Verge of New Earth Systems, the Verge of Sovereignty and Liberation, the Verge of Ascension, the Verge of Finding our Divine Partners and the Verge of Embodied Mastery.


The truth is, the Verge is a pregnant and potent quantum state in which all things are possible as we co-create the Delicious Unknown with Creator.


I feel this Verge is All of Us, taking our first new tender steps onto the fertile ground of the New Golden Age.


I feel something happening within my cells, especially when I sit quietly. As if they are waking up and coming alive in a whole new way and traveling at the speed of God.


I feel we are heralded by million angels, ascended masters, and awakened beings, singing a chorus of the One Harmonic Tone.


I feel our new reality is an exciting wild west as all New Earth Systems come on-line and self-organize, self-regulate and self-renew.


I feel the Cities of Light beginning construction.


I feel a Return to Trust. The trust that comes with the knowing that We are Creators in a Benevolent World. And a return to Trust in Love with each other.


And, I feel We are the Vortexes now. Each of us experiencing a reboot in Divine Power.



Infinite love from My Heart to Yours,









As the Earth Rumbles....

 PAPHOS,CYPRUS - MARCH 31, 2016: A fragment of ancient mosaic, Archeological Park in Kato Paphos. UNESCO Heritage Site.

PAPHOS,CYPRUS - MARCH 31, 2016: A fragment of ancient mosaic, Archeological Park in Kato Paphos. UNESCO Heritage Site.

The Earth is rumbling. And as it shakes, sleeping giants awaken. All sacred technology, texts, devices, rejuvenation chambers, crystals from unknown origins, pyramids, mounds, temples, altars and treasures are being awakened too. These objects: hidden, buried, stolen, seized, hoarded and guarded will emerge, beyond ownership, claim, rights of state, rites of church, and earthly laws.


Offices of the Vatican and Offices of the Bishop of Canterbury are on notice. These positions of false gate-keepers will step aside as gold, jewels, currency and advanced technology will activate, unleashing and assisting with the “consciousness renaissance.”


Keep putting your crystals in the ground and let them serve as capacitors for this new surge of freshly awakened power coming into being.


For this is Ascension Power: beyond the beyond. It is the power of purity, of love and a life we have yet to know on Earth. Walk as a pillar in this power and quicken the process.


Great change is here.



Abraham Hicks gets Galactic.

Stuff that works.

For years, I have been a fan of Abraham Hicks. I have been to see Esther in person and she is a wonderfully pure conduit. On the days when I cannot find the motivation to engage in life, her rants will always move me up the scale of vibration. She has steadily been lifting up so many of us for years. This morning I was called to revisit her and wanted to share this video. 

And on the days when I am fully engaged and excited about life, listening to Abraham can take me to an even higher vibration. As she teaches, it is always a matter of just finding the next "feel good" thing. How hard is that? It's not, unless I just want to wallow in a lower vibration. 

In this particular episode, Abraham gets galactic which I really like!

Abraham and Esther, thank you. This works pretty much everytime.

How I'm Doing the Eclipse.....


It’s easy to get eclipse FOMO. There is a lot of information about the epic new energy coming in and how to capture it, where to be and what to do.

My original plans were to go to Caspar, Wyoming with my boyfriend, to be in the path of totality. It became an intricate plan of flying to Denver, then renting a car and driving for four more hours. After hearing about the traffic predictions for traveling through Colorado, the festival happening there and the absence of hotels and rental cars, we finally let go and decided to go to Utah. Then, even that seemed like an effort.

So we finally realized that right here in Sedona, we get about a 75% view of the eclipse and my balcony actually faces the rising sun. Eureka, we decided to stay in Sedona.

To prepare, I am taking one of the most direct roots I know to get quiet inside. And that is to literally be quiet and take a few days of silence. It’s so refreshing! And powerful. And you quickly tune in to yourself, which is what this eclipse is all about. Not the crowds or the spectacles, but the inner change we all want to see and feel in a profound way. Even if you find yourself bored or restless in your solitude/quietude, you are still moving towards zero point stillness and away from the busy-ness of the world. The movement is still inward. Don't be hard on yourself, just relax!

And if your life doesn't allow you to be in solitude/quietude, find what err time you can to get quiet and still. 

While I’m taking a break from people and talking, I am checking in with myself and making sure I keep my eye on the prize of higher and higher intentions for myself and the collective. I’m staying away from devices as much as I can. And if I want to read about it, I check out Sandra Walter’s latest blog. Also at 11:11 PST the day of, August 21, there will be a global meditation. You will be contributing and adding your magnificent energy just by meditating.

I am also focusing on what I have been calling the “kind universe” that we can access when we get quiet, pay attention, purify our bodies and our thoughts. When we feel love and gratitude more than anxiety, frustration and despair – we are accessing that higher intelligence which is the “kind universe.” Pure is the new sacred.

On the day of, when I glance up and see the corona being covered I will make sure and visualize my very own Christed Crown being placed on my head. That is available to all of us.

So I think the best place to be for this amazing cosmic event is deep and quiet in your own heart, however you get there. And in a “receiving”mode.” The universe will be "doing" us and we just have to receive.

So simple.

With true love,


PS  Thank you Matthew for being such an incredible boyfriend and partner!

Also remember to put your crystals out to record the new codes!!!

Striking the Tone of Benevolence - Eclipse 2017



Sovereign Beings,

As we pass through the gates of initiation, showered by the cosmic rays, illuminating the truth of our being,

we pause.

We pause to reflect on all that is falling away: some surprising, some abrupt, but all intense energies that are rearranging our fields for us. A higher authority has been at work with the ability to directly affect change in our lives.

And as we continue to give ourselves deep self-love, we emerge and find ourselves, 


Full of grace, of wholeness and of a greater appreciation for the Unknown.

Yes, our beings are being stretched and expanded into more of who we truly are. We feel a great chord in our inner being, striking the Tone of Benevolence.

From here, We Create Anew and Build.

We step onto New Earth imprinting virgin footprints and feeling the new crisp rarefied air.

Welcome to New Earth and the unfoldment of your New Fullness, New Brightness, New Innocence and New Trajectory.

In True Love

Giselle Koy





Message from the Andromedans


Message from the Andromedans

We are the Andromedan Council.

We recognize the work being done on behalf of a more rapid awakening on Earth through the lens you currently see your world. Let us offer another viewpoint.

Your planet has already “left the station” as you say, meaning the critical mass has been achieved for the impetus of a full dimensional shift. It is in motion and many beings are riding the crest of the wave as others are feeling the undertow while others are feeling the magnetic pull from the shore.

The wave is all one motion and the wave is in effect. What we want to say to those working on behalf of the shift is to relax and learn to enjoy more. Those still on the shore will eventually be caught by another set of waves and as your wave moves further out into the cosmic ocean, they will be hard to see, hear and recognize.

There is more left for you to do for the forces of magnificence at work, powering the shift are slightly beyond your perception.

Yes, you are needed more than ever. Focus on keeping your frequency high so that you can participate at a far greater awareness and surrender to the “Wave of Appreciation” washing over your world. This hyper dimensional light wave heralds the new Era of Appreciation.

We salute you

In kind,

In love,

In appreciation,

In divine motion with your family,

In service to awakened beings on Earth,

Your partners in a Coherent Universe soon to be completely known to you.


Message delivered through Giselle Koy



MAY 15, 2017


As the Platinum Ray and the Golden Christed Ray have merged in twin flame union, so has our collective balance been restored to a zero point purity potential. Tap into this Platinum/Gold helix and simultaneously feel your DNA up-charged.


I AM the merged freedom of divine neutrality acting as my benevolent Earth signature at all times!


I AM spun Platinum and Gold creating the alloy of spin mechanics for all further ascension movement!


I AM the Alloy of the Almighty, clothed in light garments, presenting as my Higher Self and accessing the Primordial Self at all times!


I AM the strike of matter made manifest – the spontaneous appearance of thought into form!


I AM the reek of gratitude, exposed for all dimensions to see and know me!


I exist within my sphere of billions of DNA, reflecting and creating my reality, responding to all inner and outer stimuli!


I AM organizing my coherence nanosecond to nanosecond, by the management of all inner and outer fields!


I AM the manifest reliance on the purity of my heart!


I AM molten metal, forged in the 33rd and fluid in the 5th!


I AM proceeding in divine radiance in constant emanation!


I AM the energy lock of the perfect fusion of all electrons as the same electron in known and unknown universes!


-Channeled by Giselle Koy








I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of this Soul, undivided by church, state or marriage:  Solid in resolve to maintain a static field of Benevolent Coherence.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of each individual as self-directed, self-discovered and Self-activated within the Loving Hologram of Multi-Dimensionality.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of Planet Earth as its own Orb of Magnificence, cleared from its galactic history, warring, fighting, devastation and control.



I DECREE THE beauty of Planet Earth to return to Pristine Purity in Wonder and Majesty.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of each child pre-freed from lesser programming in its upbringing on Planet Earth.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of true and full expression of Each Heart on Planet Earth.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of mind, heart, body and soul in perpetuity if chosen.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGTY of the Human Body in its health, radiance, youth and eternal lifespan if chosen.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of Beauty for the Sake of Beauty.



I DECREE THE SOVEREIGNTY of the soul’s birth and path, free from infiltration/corruption and fortified in its True Purpose.


-Giselle Koy


The Importance of Writing: A Message from St. Germain

I must write. For writing is what organizes it all. It is a fine medium for me to work in. That is for sure.


Who wrote “the pen is mightier than the sword?” For the pen is a weapon that can slay a man’s ignorance with knowledge, it can move a man’s heart to love in action and it can plant an idea that can inspire the multitudes.


One Word = One Seed

Many Words = A Garden

Many Words Elegantly Arranged = Unlimited Food for Thought and Change


You see, it is this power that has been the basis for all victories for the light. It is the “word” and the word “made good.” It is the utterance of divine intelligence streaming down from light to sound to word!


All divine texts, decrees, documents, tablets, sonnets, commandments, sutras, verses, manuscripts, poems, stories, legends, chants, songs, and living books are various compositions of light code which populate this dimension with light. How simple and beautiful.


And well, for the writer, it is not a choice but an urging impression that comes into awareness and requires an outlet – a way to stream this light from other dimensions through his or her body and into the flow of ink or keyboard or recording device. Just as the scribes of Egypt and the calligraphers of the manuscripts have done through history.


Yes, there is divinity to writing and recording one’s thoughts when called. When the grand orchestra is playing, you never know when your part or your solo is up – for your words are necessary in the arrangement. What would Beethoven’s Fifth sound like without the oboe of the first movement?


Such is the importance of your soulful words – written and recorded, even if we can’t hear the whole symphony. It is still streaming. So keep streaming your inspired words beloved writers!

Message written through Giselle Koy.

Labor Pains

Many of us are growing in ways we don’t yet understand. Trust the process for the dark tunnel of birth soon opens to the light - the photonic and galactic light of ascension that is flooding the planet this month. As this light enters our field, whether we are aware of it or not, we will be transformed in ways we cannot predict.


I have allowed the month of September to be my month to transform. I’m changing my diet, my patterns, my addiction to doing and my attachment to knowing the outcome.


For me it is one of those times when I open my arms and hold them up into the sky and surrender to the magnificent divine intelligence that is organizing all this in the most amazing way.


Surrender is a word has been over-used in spiritual communities but it can have a new meaning. And to me that is “inviting divine source to run the show in a way that I can see, feel and know. That undeniable signs show up and wink at me in synchronicities that create unlimited sparkling intersections.”


Surrender as an outbreath of relaxation, trust and innocent curiosity. The outbreath when the new me is delivered into the here and now – fresh, pink and pure.


Happy laboring fellow travellers, and I’ll see you soon in a totally new way as you too become the new you.

Inauguration Day of The Newest Golden Age

 Artwork Courtesy of   http://discordiarulesok.blogspot.com

Artwork Courtesy of http://discordiarulesok.blogspot.com

Coming soon! There is a timeline in existence for an upcoming Inauguration Day of the Newest Golden Age. As seen in an exquisite vision I was blessed with, we are all invited to this epic event.

The schedule of events begins at mid-day with everyone entering the Grand Hall of Councils where a mighty tree exists bearing hundreds of Golden Apples. We are all invited to pick one as we take our seat in this beautiful Temple Hall. Each apple has a word tied to the stem, chosen just for you.

Our Master and Mistress of Ceremonies emerge in golden attire and address the crowd:

“Welcome to the Newest Golden Age! It is our privilege and honor to guide you as we together, Rewrite Our Original Innocence. We have taken the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and now we will take a bite and activate the New Garden of Eden. Here, the fruit from this tree activates the Golden Strand DNA of the NuHuman, in each and every one of us. Enjoy the fruit of your labors in the form of much service and many lifetimes on Planet Earth. We have now arrived in the Perfect Now.”

As everyone takes a bite, internal visions begin in everyone’s mind’s eye of the beginning of time, fast forwarding through all prior Golden Ages on Earth and moving forward in time to the full blossoming of the Newest Golden Age and all of the Golden and Crystalline Cities in their Full Glory.

As everyone opens their eyes, they see the word on the stem of their apple of the Divine Quality they now embody. This is their gift and their new role in the Newest and Best Golden Age of All Time on the Blue Jeweled Planet formerly known as Earth.

Congratulations everyone! We have arrived! Many blessings and much love to the NuHumans of Earth!

Message from Mother Mary: The Era of the Cosmic Christed Heart is Here

Message from Mother Mary

The Era of the Cosmic Heart is Here


April 9, 2016


It is the time after the last supper. The Christed Template has served its purpose and a new table is set. Fresh linens are laid and now the offerings will be presented – Offerings the world has yet to see. Yes, a new feast for mankind, laid upon the foundation of all the Christ has served.


Every seat at the table is for all the New Christs, here to feast and to serve. For the Celebration is the Service.


And now it is the Era of the Ascended Christed Heart – the Cosmic Heart and the Full Bounty brought forth of Cosmic Love.


Rejoice! For it is done.


The Nature of the Cosmic Heart is to Love Spherically much like the Sun Radiates. It loves beyond and through all that is. It is in tune, in beat syncopation with the Galactic Core, having traversed the journey from human heart to Central Sun to Galactic Core.


Loving through this heart is the energy that designs, drives and creates the New Golden Age. It is a cosmic alignment with our cosmic hearts acting each as fully sovereign celestial bodies or stars. We are the Galaxy and the Galaxy are Us.


Message delivered through Giselle Koy


Batman vs Superman - Dropping Some Galactic Intel

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers

This isn’t so much of a movie review as it is a look at metaphysical Hollywood. Where are these writers getting such high level intel? Credit here goes to screenwriters Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer. Wherever, or whatever, I was speechless after seeing this movie. In a good way.

They had me at the extraordinary cinematography which unpeeled itself in the first few minutes. Major respect to the director, Zack Snyder and cinematographer, Larry Zong.

In every Marvel series I’ve seen with superheroes, there is a specific way these superbeings enter and exit the screen. It is usually with a swoosh, a dash, a poof or a speed of light flight. In this movie, Superman ascends (yes ascends and descends) in a slow and angelic godly way, with his cape a royally flowing around him.  Superman does not raise his hands over his head and dive into the wind. He beatifically rises with the coherence of a savior hovering over the 3D matrix of mankind.  The effect is breath-taking!

Next came the story line of God vs Man. This was getting my attention. If you replace the word Kryptonian with Draconian, there is a respectable reference to the galactic wars and galactic history. This references the Dracos (dragons/reptilians), the Pleiadians and some ancient history of our planet. (For more about this, check out the series by Andrew Bartzis on youtube.) Without being a spoiler, one of the adversaries in the movie is actually a hybrid race, a kryptonian/draconian being mixed with human DNA. This giant monster “falls” much like the Nephilim as referenced to by Dan Winter’s account of galactic history.

Another theme is the twin flame ignition. Superman is activated and charged by the love of Lois and admits to “woman as his world.” Divine feminine clearly in charge here!

Also there is a female Senator who attempts to bring a higher law into the mix, a slightly veiled Pallas Athena, holding power and court.

I give this movie 5 stars for being able to entertain, transport, report and speak to higher aspects of life beyond our solar system in an epic way!



The Christed Ray: Today and Everyday, In Everyman and Everywoman

Artwork by Robby Doneghy

The Story of Easter and The Christed Ray: What the Sweeping Winds Truly Bring

Just as rumor, suspicion and upheaval spread throughout Rome in March in the Year of One, so too have the energies been stirred up in March in the Year of 2016.

For what is the nature of a sweep but to clear all settled particles of dirt, debris, skin, and waste; the discarded of humanity? Yes, that has been the intensity of the energies this March.

In Roman times, rumor of Christ as a threat of power to the Church and state was such that conspiracies and plans were made amongst all ruling factions. What to do with such a threat to power? What to do with such an uprising of all that was once settled?

Even among Christ’s own circle, the unrest began, leading up to the last supper, a moment suspended in time when Christ’s disciples heard the news he had been betrayed. The reaction is in all the faces in the painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Most telling of all being the face of Christ himself; calm, knowing, shining in his Ascended Mastery and knowing the script that would change everything forever—the reason for his walk on Earth fulfilled.

Yes such was the sweep of energy of the Ides of March, the setting of the stage, Act II, preparing the world for the greatest and final Act, The Physical Death and Resurrection of Christ into the Christed. Thus bringing to Earth the Christed energy, The Christed Ray, The Ray available to all inhabitants on Earth. The Ray and the Way for Man’s Ascension.

Yes, Christ and the Resurrection, the Easter Story, the greatest of change to sweep through. Still sweeping and still radiating the Glorius Christed Ray into all men and turning All Hearts into Golden Christed Rays.

~ Channeled by Giselle Koy


The Ray of Benevolence is Here!

September 27, 2015

Kissing the Earth at this time is a New Ray 

And that is the Ray of Supreme Benevolence

Carrying a love that has not been felt before

For it carries the codes of happiness, health, abundance, life, rejuvenation, love and cosmic justice

Not as ideals, but as common everyday occurrences

It carries the knowing that each and every one of us is now assisted in ways we cannot comprehend – but in ways showing up in our lives

Know this and catch the wave

Trust in Goodness

For that is the new state of things

Watch fear dissolve, health return, love and happiness to abound

This is the Kingdom of God

Here on Planet Earth Now in the Year of 2015

And So It Is!

- Giselle Koy

Message from Jesus, September 1, 2015

It is I, on the Holy Mountain, which you will not find by the tourist map but in your meditation. For it is here I still speak, like a channel eternally broadcasting. And it is here I speak about the one thing-  Love.

Let that word ring through your body as a cascade of positive neurological and electrical responses flow through the veins of your existence. Everything can be broken down into love and its proximity or distance to this vibration.

Love is the epicenter of this dimension and the epicenter of Ascension. For it is the Supreme Vibration Incarnate of the God Head, capable of merging with the human incarnate. It is the meeting point, the launching point and the dissolving point.

Find love everywhere and anywhere today. And cling to that. Let it be your life raft in the never ending rough waters of the maya. Make love your priority and it makes you its captive.

That is the way.

In abiding love and eternal service,

I remain your faithful servant of love,

Jesus Christos

Channeled by Giselle Koy

Artwork by:  Ben Heine

Message from Jesus, September 1, 2015



It is I, on the Holy Mountain, which you will not find by the tourist map but in your meditation. For it is here I still speak, like a channel eternally broadcasting. And it is here I speak about the one thing-  Love.

Let that word ring through your body as a cascade of positive neurological and electrical responses flow through the veins of your existence. Everything can be broken down into love and its proximity or distance to this vibration.

Love is the epicenter of this dimension and the epicenter of Ascension. For it is the Supreme Vibration Incarnate of the God Head, capable of merging with the human incarnate. It is the meeting point, the launching point and the dissolving point.

Find love everywhere and anywhere today. And cling to that. Let it be your life raft in the never ending rough waters of the maya. Make love your priority and it makes you its captive.

That is the way.

In abiding love and eternal service,

I remain your faithful servant of love,

Jesus Christos

Channeled by Giselle Koy

Artwork by:  Ben Heine

SOULGATE 2015: Part 1

A Grand Opportunity for the Soul - September 28, 2015

I must say, I’m super excited about where we are in time. Things are happening and happening in a big way. A build up is happening leading up to something and we can feel it. That’s because it is. I want to share what I am seeing as themes and what looks like is unfolding right before our eyes. The old expression “these are mystical day, don’t let em pass you by” really applies now.

What is Soulgate? It is this unique astrological passage of four blood moons, that have been going on since 2014 and will culminate with the last one on September 28, 2015.

There’s an abundance of information on the internet about the precise astrology of this event or shall I say process. There are many unsettling predictions for the next few months. Earth changes, a galactic wave coming, earthquakes, frequency acceleration (both manmade and galactic in origin), people going crazy, flooding, disclosure, etc. I mean, we can just feel things amping up! There is a common theme (I use the word theme today because I don’t want to label things as beliefs, or thoughts, just these veins of occurrences that seem to be bubbling up into general consciousness) that something is going to come and change the frequency of the earth in a very dramatic way and one that carries tremendous opportunity for the raising of consciousness of mankind.

Some of the predictions are quite alarming but there is a positive in that those who can carry this higher frequency will catapult into a 5D and beyond reality. How many will catapult into this new 5D reality? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Billions? I hope the whole planet! But who knows for sure. Like I like to say, no one knows exactly how this ascension thing is going down.

Will we see some “crazy” along the way? Surely. Maybe this is when all of the lightworkers/teachers will be needed as was predicted.

Many of us have been talking about this very special time up until September 28 as a gateway, as a time of anchoring the soul and as a time of ascension opportunity. It is a Soulgate.

There are many themes with this Soulgate, which I want to talk about today. Will these be true for you? Maybe and maybe not.  But we’re not going for perfect predictions, we’re going for awareness:  awareness of ourselves in this grand scheme and grand design and the opportunity to focus our attention on what is being presented here as a gateway to anchor our soul in a bigger, higher, and more connected way.

So let's start with the galactic wave aspect. It has been called many names. Wave X. The Galactic Wave. I call it the Sonic Boom of Ascension and have been writing about is since 2012.

Many are talking about this galactic wave which seems to be similar to the sonic boom. It is made of light, but a very specific light which instantaneously transforms. Maybe it’s the Platinum Ray. I am not getting into the science of the wave, only the effects it could have. It is predicted it will travel through this part of our solar system and through our planet upgrading our frequency to the 5D and beyond status, provided there is a certain level of hertz frequency within the individual.

Here is a message from the Spiritual Hierarchy that came through:

Galactic Sound Check – A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy

For the Great Sonic Boom of Ascension

There is a synchronizing and harmonizing of the frequencies that must come together in the Magnificent Crescendo of Ascension.

The motherboard circuitry has been pre-wired from long ago, waiting for all the ripening and the full expression of all bandwidths.

We use electronics/sound analogy but really we are talking about resonance of highly tuned frequencies – the language of light being just one of the bandwidths. But on one level, it is all light, a myriad of light systems, light signatures, light rays, fields of light, matrixes of light, helixes of light and light bodies.

On the level of light, you could call the Ascension the Great Sonic Boom that will be heard throughout the cosmos. For that is the sound of electromagnetic frequencies combining with light frequencies for the quantum leap. There is much coordination to be done of light wave and intention within the electromagnetic fields.

There is light wave frequency and the coordination of human consciousness coming together in a divine union. For UNION is another word for the Ascension, the Final Union before the New Dawn.

So as you can see, there is much preparation to be done. We, the Heirarchy and the Galactic energies are very busy doing our final calculation, adjustments, calibrations, etc. As we work above, so are your internal light systems being tuned to this new harmonic. For your part, you must consciously tune in to this effort and begin to clearly hear the telepathic information being streamed to you. In fact, there is a channel to dial in to; The Ascension Channel which is its own Ascension Telepathic Radio Channel so to speak.

It's time to be passionate about your commitment. If you feel you are not able to tune in, you can listen to the channels who are many now who are tuned in. Let their channelings activate within you the necessary upgrades and steps to be taken for your personal ascension program. You will know what instructions to follow and which channels to listen to by how it feels in your body. Does the energy uplift? If so, heed the call.  Being lit up with energy means just that. But see it as lit up with Ascension Energy. Practice acting on flashes of information you get from your god-sanctioned guides.

Learn to listen and tune in to the party in your head.

On our side, there is a great buzz of excitement although there is so much do be done. As above, so below. There is dedication and focus required as above, so below. 

So, stay tuned for the Ascension Updates and Ascension Team Instructions. This is a way to coordinate the effort.

These Ascension Pods are already magnetizing and will be doing more. Enjoy the work, for it has the fruitful pre-celebration feeling of preparations being made for a Grand Ball. Or a world-wide sporting event. The Olympic Games Opening Ceremony – Galactic Level.

- The Spiritual Hierarchy 

At this time, there are many themes present or energies present I have noticed which you may be experiencing as well.


The Desire for Purification

The first one is a feeling of a deep need for purification: from a soul level, a body level and a life level. For me, it was a strong calling and I was guided to take 40 days to rest, go within and allow this purification to begin: a reset if you will. What did I do for 40 days? Well I am on day 33 right now, but what I have been doing is devoting time for meditation, cultivating silence for as many hours in the day as possible, cleaning up my habits, detoxing, writing and placing a mental focus on ascension. Prioritizing. Yes, still doing and meeting all responsibilities in 3D but not traveling, Not taking on any new projects, only committing to going within and activating the 3 fold flame within the heart. More on this later. But this came from a strong desire to do this.



There is a theme of "putting the pieces together," and being really curious about your galactic linege, your Egyptian lineage, your Lemurian and Atlantis lineage. Having the feeling that people are being drawn together and re-united. Soul pods, discipleships, important people coming back together to complete important missions.

A remembrance of the 3 fold flame of ascension in the heart and an ignition in this region of the body. A return to the feeling of turning your will over to the divine will. A whole new level of this. This is a big letting go because in this letting go, the ego is taken out of the equation and one is able to do something out of  a purity to serve instead of for recognition or for personal gain.

The wicking of the soul. This is when the Soulgate of ascension opens. It is an alchemical process whereby the soul sends its request for purification and ascension up from the lower body into the higher self and then into the God Presence. It is here where it is witnessed and sent back through to the lower body, each time creating a filament of light. This is sometimes depicted as the rise of the caduceus body.


Global Service 

Wanting to help the planet more and reach out in a global way. Seeing things more from a humanitarian role instead of just personal advancement in one’s spiritual progress. Coming to a knowing that we are all in this together, returning home and even though ascension is highly personal, it is also extremely universal and feeling both of those energies.

There may be a feeling of being called into Ambassadorship, to work as a Planetary Delegate and many other roles that have not yet been defined on Earth. Some are already aware of these assignments/roles.



People will be bringing stability into a room, by their presence.  Others will be able to feel this and a room will get harmonized just by the presence of someone. Humans will carry this stabilizing force just by their presence. There is an anchoring of this in individual fields, meaning people will be more emotionally stable as they connect more and more into their heartspace, This will be needed. There will be an emotional evenness.


The appearance of auras, halos, and light fields surrounding a person.


The Angelic Soundtrack Effect 

Just like when you put your head phones on out in the world and feel like you are watching a movie with a soundtrack, so too will you also feel but without the headphones. If feels as if a different piece of music is playing in your head and you have a detached “viewing” feeling of observing this world. But the difference is the level of compassion for everything you see and hear. Almost as if you are tapped into the angelic dimension with its own soundscore. And that’s because you are! This "compassion on steroids" feeling also gives you a lot more patience.


Heart Centered and Virtue Centered

There is effortless Virtue, even on a micro basis, known as Micro Mastery.


Wrapping things up. Debts, karma, financial.


Almost an inability to do extreme 3D, such as super 3d jobs. Email, etc. But trust you will get it done.


New Beginnings 

One must see and know the certainly of one's own ascecnsion. Not as probable or sometime in the future, but NOW. Now is the time to meditate in zero point every day, now is the time to do all that you know must be done to be giving it your all. Take advantage of now. There must be a desire for ascension plus some knowledge of the mechanics of ascension and of course the desire to serve in the divine plan.

What is your soul calling YOU to do?

Simplify? Slow down? Prioritize? If nothing else, placing attention daily on your ascension is huge.


Open Sourcing

Naturally wanting to share information for the benefit of humanity. Not trying to own anything as yours, or get all the credit for a great manifesto, just an open hearted flow and sharing of any and all helpful information, whether it is yours or someone elses. Again, the dissolution of the ego.


Constantly wanting to be in your own energy, heart based and connected

Stewing in your isness. Knowing your own field. Keeping it pure, and simple. And glowing. Maybe some things need to go, like people or habits. Whatever that means for you.


Magnetization vs Manifestation

Your field will draw what it needs. Great trust. Thy will is given to God. Dropping anchor in the divine. Less need to try and manifest and more relaxing into the instant manifestation that comes when one's field is vibrating more in alignment with Christed energies.


Reading List for further acceleration:

Dossier on the Ascension by Serapis Bey, Summit Press, Mark Prophet

Decrees of the Platinum Ray, Giselle Koy, Amazon.com