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Woman Arising

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Woman Arising is a dynamic and empowering conference for today’s modern women. It will be a weekend graced by some of the world’s most incredible female speakers, each bringing gifts of unique guidance for tuning in with our sacred feminine. 

Those who have attended recall the experience as transformational for the soul, the body and for life: “healing,” “uplifting,” “inspiring,” “beyond expectations,” and even, “the most amazing experience I’ve ever had.” 

In its previous two years, Woman Arising has hosted an incredibly powerful array of female leaders, including Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of several titles including “Women Who Run with the Wolves;” Lindsay Wagner, actress, advocate, retreat facilitator, and author of the best-selling vegetarian lifestyle cookbook The High Road to Health; intuitive Colette Baron-Reid, and many, many more transformational speakers.

For more information about past presenters, please visit this page.

Women of our time live and work roles cloaked by the masculine world. Yet within each and every one of us is the archetype of the divine feminine arising. This weekend will be a gathering of spectacular, dynamic, spiritual teachers who have come to offer their greatest insights. For attendees it is the opportunity to participate in experiential workshops where you will learn real life applications to the sacred content. This will be a gathering of powerful and beautiful women, given the blessed space to offer each other the greatest support, inspiration and nourishment toward each of us standing true to that inner feminine light.

Our work will be deep, but we are still going to have a great time together as this is a creative exploration. You are creating the new you. We are creating the new us. So the event will feature of variety of offerings: dynamic workshops, presentations, body movement, meditation and hands-on practices, as well as a very special Red Tent Healing Temple, where you will have the opportunity to receive healing in various modalities, and be introduced to many of our favorite healthy treats and items of sacred beauty.

And to augment the energy of everything we are doing, Woman Arising will again be supported by the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. 

So please join us for a celebration of the incredible transformation happening in the lives of women today.  Woman Arising is proven to be a powerful opportunity to connect with radiant, successful, and aware women who share the most profound insights, guidance, and sisterhood.

Discover how to:

  • Discover your innate leadership abilities
  • Find comfort, confidence, and strength
  • Continue to awaken to your passion, power, and presence
  • Connect to the wisdom that lies within you
  • Envision an empowered life
  • Find your authentic voice and express yourself honestly
  • Enhance your well-being
  • Appreciate your life unfolding perfectly and celebrate the woman you are: free, authentic, compassionate, creative, expressive, powerful, and intuitive

Ancient Healing looks forward to welcoming you to Woman Arising 2016!

Pricing: Early bird special before September 30th: $245 - regular price: $295.

» Woman Arising Website