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Easy Guide to the Divine Masculine with Giselle Koy and John Burgess

Live In-Person Event in Austin, Texas, on two nights at Palazzo Lavaca, 1614 Lavaca.

Part I: Friday, January 29, 2016, 7-9pm
Part II: Thursday, February 4, 7-9pm

Are you hearing a lot about the Divine Masculine lately and wondering what it really means? Is someone in your life (like your partner) telling you that you need to embrace the divine masculine more? 

This class is designed as an easy guide to understand and embody this state of being. Using practical ideas and the Ten Powers of the Divine Masculine, you will walk away with a clear understanding and easy to follow guide you can use your whole life in all areas of life.

Using humor, extensive experience and channeled information, John and Giselle will be your river guides on a very upgrading experience.

Part 1 covers the confusing environment of modern relationships and the significnce of upgrading relationships for self and mankind through the understanding of higher principles. The Ten Powers of the Divine Masculine will be introduced as a roadmap to navigate a higher version of yourself.

Part 2 covers the practical application of the Ten Powers of the Divine Masculine, exercises to greater embody these Powers and some workable models of the Divine Masculine in all areas of life.

Giselle Koy is an author, lifestyle designer and co-host of the Daily Vibe for IvolveTV. She works to help others find and launch their spiritual gifts and live a joy based life. Her dream is to see everyone in a loving and harmonious relationship while maintaining sovereignty of soul and spirit.

John Burgess is

$33 for Part I only
$55 for Part 1 and II

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