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Ascension Access with Michael Gilardy and Giselle Koy

Please join us for an unforgettable evening of Ascension Access! 

This is a LIVE and IN-PERSON event held at the Etheric Temple of in Austin, Texas, with special guests from Sedona, Arizona.

The evening will begin with a Power Prayer by Giselle Koy to create a portal to higher dimensions and bring in all of our unseen Ascension Guides and Teams.

Our keynote will be by Michael Gilardy, Galactic Teacher and Ascension Guide. As a soul code opener and Master Shaman, he will lead us into the knowing of ourselves as light prior to form. From this remembrance, he will guide us into Master Ascended Light Levels. 

"I think it might be important for you to experience the latest inner technologies I have downloaded in actualizing (birthing) ascension consciousness. When we are able to witness and experience ourselves as light, prior to taking on a physical embodiment, we begin to receive direct knowing through divine intuition. We remember our souls' purpose and our mission. We awaken!"
Michael Gilardy

Michael was trained as a shaman by Miguel Ruiz, and has mastery of crystal technology. Please prepare yourself for an evening of transformation, a paradigm shift!

You will leave with a new calibration of light code and a new portal for both Ascension and Manifestation here on Planet Earth.

Price for the Evening: $67


There is limited seating for this event. Please register early!

Both Michael and Giselle will be available for one-on-one sessions on Thursday April 16 and Friday April 17.
To book a session:

Michael Gilardy was trained by Don Miguel Ruiz as a Master Shaman. He is currently writing a book titled "Ascension Access." He lives in Sedona and has helped hundreds of people access their light lineage.

Giselle Koy is an author and professional muse who helps people reach the highest vision of themselves. She helps people establish new and stronger levels of spiritual connection, creativity and spot-on spiritual branding.