Sacred Temple Oil

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Sacred Temple Oil


All essential oils are wild-crafted, organic and sourced globally for potency, quality and vibrational properties.  They are blended with fractionated coconut oil.

Transports one to 7D Consciousness.

Raises all frequencies.

Time Travel.

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Connects one to the Grid of Universal and Cosmic “Sacred Space..”

Original Temple Incense for clearing and anointing space

Creates instant raising of frequency.

Extracts the Essence of Devotion and man’s quest for higher consciousness through the ages.

Vapor of Vespers.

Distilled Sacredness.

Reorganizes energy of one’s personal field.

Takes one to the seat of one’s soul.

Protects from lover vibrational frequencies and shifts those energies upward.

Transports one through the evolution of man’s spiritual journey.

Time travel for all sacred temples throughout all Golden Civilizations.

Connects the essence of all Temples of Knowledge, Love, Healing and Devotion

in this dimension and beyond.

Transmutes 3D religious thought into Cosmic Love of 5, 7D and beyond.