Knight's Blend Oil


Knight's Blend Oil


All essential oils are wild-crafted, organic and sourced globally for potency, quality and vibrational properties.  They are blended with fractionated coconut oil.

Activates these qualities for the New Knight:






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Polishes the Divine Qualities of a Knight of the Light.

Connects one to El Morya, Merlin and the Avalon Ideal.

Carries the Etheric Shield and Sword of the Round Table.

Brings the Generosity of Pure Assistance in all manner of conflict.

Presents Sterling Charm in all situations.

Protects the Kingdom of All Elemental Beings.

Embodies Divine Purity of One’s Heart and Divine Loyalty to One’s Heart.

Activates the Platinum Ray for Purification of the Earth.

Embodies the Divine Masculine in All Ways, seeking and merging with the counterpart of the Divine Feminine.

Upholds the Codes of Cosmic Justice and the Beauty of All That is Fair.

Establishes, Protects and Gazes Upon the Peace of the Kingdom.


I am living the perfect manifestation of my mission through Impeccable Integrity and Nobility of Spirit.

For Anointing:

Rub between palms and cup over face, breath in, then rub hands over chest and the back of the neck.