Mary Magdalene Oil


Mary Magdalene Oil


All essential oils are wild-crafted, organic and sourced globally for potency, quality and vibrational properties.  They are blended with fractionated coconut oil.

An essential oil formula channeled from Mary Magdalene for:

Divine Partnership


Sacred Love

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Connects one to the Divine Feminine.

Accesses the Ascended Partners of All Holy Disciples.

Promotes Sovereignty of Thought and Action.

The one who walks in all worlds.

The Earthly Companion of Jesus and the Divine Human Experience.

Alchemy of Divine Union and High Sacred Union.

Promotes Divine Partnership and Relationship Harmony.

Feminine Beauty and Allure

Spiritual and feminine Magnestism.

Colors of red and pink.

The pulse of Universal Attraction.

Ignites magnetism of one’s Twin Flame.

Promotes Path of Transcendence through body, mind and spirit.

For Anointing:

Apply to bottom of feet and crown chakra in the center of the head.