Genius Blend Oil


Genius Blend Oil


All essential oils are wild-crafted, organic and sourced globally for potency, quality and vibrational properties.  They are blended with fractionated coconut oil.

Activates Genius Skills

Balances Brain

Divine Intelligence

New Thought for the New Golden Age

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Balances left and right brain hemisphere.

Connects one to Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Pythagoras and enlightened individuals such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Tesla and Walt Disney.

Promotes “the Original Idea” and the “Divine Concept.”

Presents the gift of “New Thought” which transforms all static thought.

Pleideian and Andromedan.

Entrance to the Kingdom of Divine Thought and the Divine Idea.

Plants the “Divine Idea” and seeds transformative ideas for the New Golden Age in the Arts and Sciences.

Promotes Clarity of Vision and Telepathic Foresight.

Activates one’s genius skills, universal knowingness and magic capabilitites.

Increases Brain Capacity.

Connects the human brain to Divine Intelligence.

For Anointing:

Rub between palms and cup over face, inhale deeply 3 times.

One faint drop under the nose.