I am in love with building altars.

Like many of you, I have been doing it my whole life.

Some people paint, some draw, and some create music. I create altars that alter reality.

It started as a child, on my dressing table, arranging perfume bottles, soaps and play make-up and powder puffs, etc.

As an adult, I loved setting the table, spending hours over flowers, plates, candles, ….always wanting to set “a great table.”

As a traveller, I love creating altars in nature with shells, rocks, feathers any kind of found object and leaving them as offerings.

Now as a lightworker or light broadcaster, working with Ascension energy I began to notice that altars are portals. And I began to notice that you can create space in your home that connects you to other dimensions. Your tabletop literally becomes a portal.


An altar is where man and the higher dimensions meet at the table.


ALTAR APOTHECARY is a line of products for shifting your vibration to a higher frequency. It is devoted to creating space in your home as a portal to other dimensions, beyond sacred space – it is for access to higher dimensions.

All ALTAR products are created in partnership with Ascended, Angelic, Galactic and Elemental Beings along with Divine Guidance.  The oils are wild-crafted, organic and hand-blended with love and attuned to Ascension Frequencies.

These oils infuse one with divine energies and essences as well as bring in higher light streams of consciousness.

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce this line of products for Altar Apothecary.