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The Conscious Media Festival

Giselle Koy and Regina Meredith talk about Degrees of Truth at the Conscious Media Festival, 2017, in Austin, Texas.


The Digital Sovereignty Series

In an unprecedented conversation, we introduce you to Stan Larimer, the Godfather of Bitshares, the newest offering in cryptocurrency. This is a highly evolved currency of the new economy that requires we educate ourselves on how to participate.

Giselle Koy Podcast

As our collective ascension experience becomes palpable, a new experience is emerging. Join Sandra Walter and Giselle Koy for an in-depth conversation on gatekeeping, fractilization, the over-ride of the now moment and how 5D gatherings are beginning to create themselves.


“I am here to assist in the Ascension of Planet Earth, as a vehicle for God consciousness and for the freedom and sovereignty of all beings.”
- Giselle Koy